How To Get Pr In Australia For International Students After Study?

influencing international students’ decision to study there. After completing your education, you can obtain permanent residency in Australia if you have the necessary points because the Australia PR visa is awarded using a points-based system. There are so many academic courses for study in Australia for international students based on the number of points. Apart from this, having an Australia PR visa has many other advantages.

Applying For Permanent Residency Australia 

After graduating, a lot of overseas students ask for permanent residency. They must “express interest” in it through the SkillSelect migration programme of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. Students may fill out an online Expression of Interest form for a skilled visa on the website of the Australian government.

Candidates must submit biographical information, job history, a listed occupation, and information on their level of English language competence for this. In addition, they must submit information about skills evaluations relating to the professions listed.

Features Of Permanent Residency Visa

A permanent residency visa’s salient features include

  • You can study, work, and stay in the country without restrictions if you have a PR (Permanent Residence) visa.
  • PR holders get access to the Australian government’s “Medicare” programme.
  • PR holders are not eligible for the “HELP” system, which offers loans to students to defer the expense of their tuition like Australian citizens are.
  • Australian citizenship is possible for those with PR visas after a specified time.

Visas For Permanent Residency

There are the most popular visa types for students for the best way to get PR in Australia. These visas are as follows:

A Post-Study Work Visa

Students can work unrestrictedly for two years with the Post-Study Work Visa. Candidates who have completed a two-year, full-time programme leading to a bachelor’s or master’s degree may apply for this visa. However, many students learn they qualify for permanent residence after accomplishing their studies. Either they don’t have enough points to get eligible for skilled immigration, or they don’t have a sponsoring employer. Using the Post Study Work Visa in Australia, one can finish the conditions for a permanent visa.

Skilled Migration

Under the skilled migration program, a permanent visa is issued based on the applicant’s credentials and employment experience; an employer is not necessary to sponsor you. Candidates also need to show that they can communicate in English and pass a points test. The applicant’s age, educational experience, and level of English proficiency are all taken into consideration when determining how many points they receive.

Employer-Sponsored Visas

Employer sponsorship is another well-liked strategy for acquiring a long-term visa. Many applicants for employer-sponsored visas can’t meet the criteria for skilled immigration. Candidates for this visa must first obtain a temporary visa subclass 482 and work in Australia for their sponsoring employer for at least three years before submitting a visa application for a permanent visa. Occasionally, candidates can apply directly for permanent residency (186 visas), but employers prefer the TSS 482 visa process.

Attain A Permanent Resident Visa in Australia Through The Skilled Migration Program

You must do the following actions in order to apply for permanent residency through the skilled migration programme:

Step 1. Eligibility Check

As a preliminary step, ascertain the classification of your profession and if it appears on the Short-Term Skilled Occupations List(STSO)or the Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL). Where your occupation is written, there will determine which visa you choose. It must line up with your profession of choice.

Step 2: Skills Evaluation

The subsequent step is to determine if you require a favorable Skills Assessment for the position. It is sometimes referred to as “recognition” or “career validation.” It is a crucial step because each subject has its own Skills Assessment Authority.

You must fulfill certain conditions set forth by each skill assessment authority to qualify. Qualification verifications, professional experience, and possessing a good level of English—achieving a high score on either the ILTES or PTE English test—are a few of these requirements.

Step 3: Points Test 

The 189, 190, and 491 Skilled Migration Visas are point-test visas, meaning you must fulfil prerequisites to gain points for each category.

The Department of Home Affairs employs this method to identify people possessing the qualifications required to advance the country. They attempt to fill this gap by only choosing applicants who satisfy their standards because they know which industry has a skill deficit.

To be qualified to submit an expression of interest through SkillSelect for any of the three visas we previously stated, you must have earned at least 65 points.

Step 4: English Test

Each English proficiency test band—Writing, Reading, Listening, and Speaking—must be passed with a score of at least six to qualify for one of these permanent residency visas in Australia.

You can improve your English exam score. It can be helpful if SkillSelect needs you to have more than 65 points for the job picked. For instance, you will gain 10 points if you score seven on each IELTS or PTE test component; an eight will earn you 20 points.

Step 5: Expression Of Interest

There is no certainty that the Australian government will invite you to apply for a skilled migration visa through Skill Select, even if you fulfil all conditions. You may only file a visa application for a PR visa after obtaining an invitation.

For the 189 Skilled Independent Visa, 190 Skilled Nominated Visa, or 240 Skilled Work Regional Visa, the Australian Government must first extend an invitation to you. (subclass 491).

To be invited, you must submit a Skill Select expression of interest.

Step 6: Obtaining A Visa

The final step before receiving a permanent residency visa Australia after receiving an invitation from SkillSelect is submitting a visa application. You must back up everything you said in your expression of interest and points test.


Australia has always been a highly-friendly country and prioritises candidates who want a long-term relationship with the nation. While selecting a course of action, it is essential to consider and balance all the decision-related aspects, including prospective outcomes, chances of becoming PR, and many more. 

Students from outside Australia must apply for student visas there in order to study there. He must fulfill all the Australia study visa requirements and other eligibility criteria to apply for visa subclass 500. To effectively migrate to Australia, it’s necessary to be knowledgeable and follow the guidance as immigration regulations, employment criteria, and other factors are changing. Do your study thoroughly without worries with an immigration agent in Perth.