The student visa australia enables the international graduates to participate in professional training sessions to boost their skills. The applicants can study, work and stay in Australia. Students who wish to apply for the student visa must fulfil the eligibility conditions of the visa they want to apply for.

Categories of Student Visa Australia:

The student visa comes under three different categories — Training Visa, Student Visa and Australian Graduate visa.

Student Visa Subclass 500:

This visa allows you to study in Australia in a recognised educational institute. You must be nominated by the institute to enrol for a specific course. You can live in Australia for duration of five years. If you are below 8 years of age, you must make appropriate arrangements to stay in Australia.

Student Guardian Visa Subclass 590:

The Student Guardian visa subclass 590 entitles you to study in an approved college/university in Australia. Individuals can also apply as guardian of student who is below the age of 18.

Parents, relatives or legal guardians of international graduates can also apply for the student visa.

Training Visa Subclass 407:

You can apply for the training visa subclass 407 if you want to register for the professional development training programs in Australia.

If you want to boost your skills and proficiency, you can enrol for professional training modules in Australia by obtaining the student visa. The applicants can live in Australia for two years on the student visa.

Australian Graduate Visa:

Individuals who possess degrees from Australian educational institute can apply for the graduate visa subclass 485. On the successful completion of the degree, you can live, study and work in Australia on a temporary basis.

Applicants can apply for two different streams: Post Study work visa and Graduate work visa. You must fulfil the requirements of the visa to obtain the visa easily.

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