Individuals can apply for the Bridging Visa Australia if they want to continue staying in Australia up to the time they receive a decision for their substantive visa application. This is required to maintain a lawful status if your current visa has expired or is about to expire during the time you are planning to move out of country.

There are five categories of Australian Bridging visa. All the visa categories have features and offer varied advantages and freedom and facilitate lawful staying in Australia.

Categories of Bridging Visa Australia:

Bridging Visa, A Subclass 010:

Applicants who have been staying in Australia for substantive Australian visa or have lodged an application for a new substantive visa is automatically granted a BVA or the Visa 010.  The Visa Subclass 010 allows the individuals to stay in Australia lawfully up to the time the visa application has been processed.  The applicants cannot travel back to Australia with the Bridging Visa 010 if you have decided to depart.

Bridging Visa B Subclass 020:

Applicants living in Australia on BVA can apply for the Visa 020. If you have a strong reason and want to travel out of Australia without cancellation of the BVA while waiting for the processing of substantive visa, you can apply for this visa.

The Visa Subclass 020 is valid for three months. You must travel back to Australia before this duration finishes.

Bridging Visa C Subclass 030:

If you don’t hold a substantive visa and are in Australia, you are eligible to apply for the Visa 030. If you have been overstaying in Australia and have been declared as unlawful citizen, you can seek the Visa Subclass 030. You must fulfill all the eligibility requirements for the BVC for visa approval.

Bridging Visa D Subclass 040/041:

By the time the Department of Home Affairs is deciding on your substantive visa you can get the Bridging Visa 040 & Visa 041 to stay legally in Australia for short duration. You must be in Australia when applying for the visa and cannot travel back to Australia even if you wish.

Bridging Visa E Subclass 050/051:

The Bridging Visa 050 & 051 allows you to stay legally in Australia even after the expiry of the substantive visa. You can meanwhile sort the visa matter and wait for the visa approval.

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We keep you updated about the progress of your visa application and stand by your side until you receive a successful visa outcome.

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