The Former and Returning Resident visa allows you to stay in Australia permanently. You can apply under the two different streams such as Return Resident and Former Resident. You must satisfy the eligibility criteria for the visa stream you want to apply for. You have to supply evidence of health and character as per the visa pre-requisites.

You must possess a substantive visa or must apply for it before lodging an application for the Former Resident visa. The Resident Return visa allows you to travel to and from Australia unlimited number of time for a duration of five years. If you travel out of Australia without the Resident Return visa, it could significantly your eligibility for permanent residence. Individuals must possess valid passports from eligible countries to apply for the Former and Resident Return visa.

Categories of Former and Returning Resident Visa Australia:

Former Resident Visa subclass 151:

Individuals who have served the Australian Defense Forces can apply for the Former Resident visa to gain permanent residence in Australia. You must be below the age of 45 and fulfill the eligibility conditions of the defense service. Applicants must also satisfy the long resident requirements along with the health and character prerequisites to be eligible to apply for the subclass visa 151.

Resident Return Visa Subclass 155 and 157L:

If the travel facility has expired or is about to expire on your current visa, you must get the Resident Return visa to move in and out of Australia and uphold your permanent residency status.

Individuals who are former Australian citizens or possess Australian permanent residency are eligible to apply for the visa.

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