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The Best Way To Extend Your Australian Student Visa!

Australia is a country of education and natural beauty where students from overseas want to get an education. International students who wish to enroll in classes and apply for a student visa 500 in Australia have a variety of possibilities. It is one of the most sought-after locations among students due to the high quality of education, the diversity of available degrees, and the post-study employment chances. Australian universities are among the best in the world at conducting research, particularly in the humanities, social sciences, and education.

For a stress-free education, every student who wants to study in Australia must correctly fulfill the Australian student visa requirements. You can study and live there for five years if you hold a student visa. It also permits part-time work during academic sessions and works 40 hours every two weeks while you’re in school and full-time when classes are out. Occasionally, students stay for more than five years for various reasons. There they will need a student visa extension to Australia.

Students seeking visa extensions can get guidance from Australia migration agent Perth through specialized and outcome-driven procedures.

Student Visa Extension

Australia does not automatically extend an international student visa. You will need a way to study in Australia and remain there. If your course has been prolonged, your study visa is about to expire, and you can’t return to your native country.

You have two choices:

  • Submit a new application for a student visa or 
  • Submit one for a tourist visa.
  • Apply for temporary graduate visa subclass 485

Your current student visa cannot be renewed or extended. But if it expires before you finish your course of study, you can still file for a new one after consulting the best consultant for an Australia study visa.

Before your existing visa expires, Deakin advises you to submit a student visa application to the DHA for a new visa subclass 500.

Justifications For Renewing A Student Visa

For several reasons, current students from overseas studying at any Australian university or institution may need to apply for a student visa renewal. The reasons for each student’s behavior may depend on the circumstance. In the situations listed below, students may need to extend their visas:

  • Due to failed subjects in the final study period, a Leave of Absence, or a Reduced Study Load, your existing student visa will expire before you finish your course.
  • You’ve enrolled in a new subject.
  • Your graduate study candidature has been extended.
  • Even though you have already turned in your graduate research thesis for review, the marking procedure cannot start until your visa has expired.
  • The Department of Home Affairs officially revoked your initial visa.

Student Visa Extension Australia Procedure

If your present student visa is about to expire, start gathering the documents required for an Australian student visa and getting ready for the application. You will save time if the Department of Home Affairs requests something from you if your papers are ready. The extended Australian student visa processing time is generally three months.

Steps For Student Visa Extension

the entire procedure for extending a student visa in Australia is as follows:

  • Request To Enrollment 

You cannot, in any event, start the course and stop halfway through. Therefore, it’s crucial to renew your student passport. Only a COE (Confirmation of Enrollment) can be submitted to the authority to request a visa renewal. You may include the COE document with your registration. You can use CRICOS for the registered training.

  • Assemble The Required Documentation.

Start assembling your crucial papers, such as your COE and health insurance policy. Make a document checklist to send to the home affairs agency. Depending on the educational institution, there may be different documentation requirements. The documents required are:

  • Evidence of identification
  • Birth registration
  • A marriage license (if applicable)
  • Personal assertion
  • Personal statement (CV)
  • Approval from the applicant’s guardians if they are under 18.
  • Oshc (Overseas Student’s Health Coverage)

You must prolong your Overseas Students’ Health Cover to provide medical coverage to the Australian government. You can extend your insurance coverage with the aid of your health insurance provider.

  • Biometric

Applications for extensions may ask for biometric data after being submitted. You will receive notice from the immigration officials via mail and your ImmiAccount. You must move as soon as you receive the letter and instructions because you have 14 days to provide biometrics.

  • Perform A Health Checkup.

In Australia, all applicants require a routine health checkup for student visa extensions. A HAP Id generated for each candidate on ImmiPortal, which is required to show where the health examination is performed, makes it possible. The medical reports are sent straight to the Home Affairs Agency.

  • Genuine Temporary Entrant

Your GTE is a crucial component of extending a student visa in Australia. You must include the following information in the statement:

  • The Goal of the Study
  • The length of your studies
  • Family income
  • Reasons to relocate back home
  • Student loans
  • Online Submission Of A Student Visa Application

Giving the immigration agent Perth your application information is all that is necessary. The Department of Home Affairs will handle your paperwork after you submit an online application. In essence, upload it to your Immi account.

The Department will give you a letter of acknowledgment along with a copy of your Bridging Visa after receiving your application for a student visa.

After collecting all the documents and before submitting the visa extension application, you must pay the Australian student visa fees. The department will accept visa extension applications for an onshore and offshore passport. The procedures are similar, though. You will be issued a Bridging visa A if you submit your application abroad. During the processing of your visa, you must stay in Australia. If you are applying from abroad, you must wait until the visa application’s result before traveling to Australia. 


To complete your degree, you may require to extend your student visa. The primary goal is to assist and counsel incoming students from overseas who want to study in Australia. You can extend your stay in Australia on the student visa subclass 500 by applying for a visitor visa 600, temporary graduate visa subclass 485, or new education visa 500. 

It can be terrifying to apply for a visa in Australia on your own; don’t take a chance at a rejection on your part.  Australian immigration may reject your visa application for lack of details.

You can hire an education agent with the best-registered migration agent in Perth if your visa application is denied to find out what extra information you might need to submit to appeal the decision.