The Sponsorship Visa Australia allows the overseas skilled workers to travel to Australia for work. This visa is basically designed to address the labor shortage in Australia. The applicants can apply for Employer Sponsored Visa under two categories — temporary and permanent for the visa.

The Australian Sponsorship Visa comes under three different streams — Employer Nomination Visa, Temporary Skill Shortage Visa and Regional 187 visa. You must fulfill all the eligibility conditions and must possess relevant skills and qualifications for the nominated occupation in the visa application. You can choose to apply for a visa stream depending on your purpose and work reason to migrate to Australia.

The individuals must apply for the visa assessment test to figure out which visa would be suitable depending on their needs. If you want to get employment in Australia, you must consider applying for temporary or permanent visa.

Categories of Employee Sponsored Visa Australia:

Temporary Skilled Shortage Visa Subclass 482:

The TSS subclass 482 visa enables the skilled workers to travel to Australia for work. This visa requires the applicant to possess an invitation from Australia based employer.

The TSS focuses on meeting the labor shortage in Australia. You must fulfill the skill assessment test and have the required skills/qualifications from an approved Australian employer to get the TSS visa.

Employer Nomination Visa Subclass 186 (Permanent):

The Employer Nomination visa entitles the applicants to work and stay in Australia indefinitely.  You can also apply for the permanent residency if you qualify the eligibility.

The applicants can apply under three streams — Temporary Residence Transition, Labor Agreement Scheme or Direct Entry.

You must possess an invitation from an approved Australian employer and satisfy the health and character requirements to get the visa grant.

Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme Subclass 187 (permanent):

You can apply for the RSMS visa if you have a sponsored job in regional area of Australia. This visa allows the applicants to live and stay in Australia indefinitely.

You can apply for Temporary Residence Transition Stream or the Direct Entry Stream. You must demonstrate your English language proficiency along with the health and character requirements.

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