The Partner Visa has been structured by the Department of Home Affairs to address the migration needs of partners. Spouses or soon-to-be-spouses can apply for the partner visa to seek permanent residence in Australia.

The applicants can apply for temporary and permanent visa based on their purpose, need and cause of stay in Australia. Both onshore and offshore individuals can apply for the visa.

If you want to accompany your partners in Australia, you must apply for the partner visa. You must be 18 or above 18 and satisfy the health and character requirements to apply for the visa.

Things to know when getting the partner visa

The eligibility criteria, conditions, and fee structure of the partner visa depends on the category of partner visa. You can apply for the partner visa if you are in de facto relationship with Australian resident, fiancé or spouse.

Categories of Partner Visa Australia:

Partner Visa Subclass 820 – Temporary:

This visa enables the eligible partner to live in Australia on temporary basis until the permanent visa has been processed.

Partner Visa Subclass 801 – permanent:

The visa enables the de facto partner or spouse of Australian resident to stay in Australia permanently. You must be in Australia to apply and acquire the Partner visa 801.

Partner (Provisional) Visa Subclass 309:

If you are away from Australia, and desire to stay in Australia then you can apply for partner visa 309. You can stay in Australia temporarily up to the time the Australian immigration authority decides on your permanent partner visa.

Partner (Migration) Visa Subclass 100:

If you want to live with your partner permanently in Australia, you can apply for the 100 subclass partner visa. This visa allows you to stay and work in Australia.

Prospective Marriage Visa Subclass 300:

The offshore applicants can apply for the visa if they want to travel to Australia to marry their prospective partners. Before the subclass 300 visa expires, you must apply for Temporary partner visa subclass 820 so that you need not travel back to your own country post marriage.

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