186 Visa Direct Entry Skilled Workers Pathway to PR

186 Visa Direct Entry: Skilled Workers Pathway to PR

Employer-nominated program visa subclass 186 is an excellent opportunity for people who wish to immigrate to Australia and work there—skilled workers wishing to become permanent residents of Australia can follow this program. 

The three primary Visa 186 streams are labour agreements, temporary residence, and direct entry stream. They all have their own unique set of guidelines and specifications. After determining your eligibility, you must apply. 186 Direct entry is to help firms who can’t find enough skilled workers in the local labour market to suit their demands in Australia.

Visa 186 Direct Entry

An initial purpose of the Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) 186 direct entry visa is to enable Australian employers to choose qualified immigrants to fill highly skilled posts. The job must be on the qualified skilled occupation list and must be nominated by an employer based in Australia to be processed. Those who are approved can live in Australia permanently, but they must have relocated there straight from their home country.

By allowing corporations and company owners to nominate competent workers from around the globe, the visa stream seeks to assist those finding qualified workers in Australia with difficulty.  

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Requirements for the 186 direct entry visa

There are several requirements to apply for the 186 visas. To demonstrate your eligibility, you must have a skills evaluation, have a relevant license or registration, or be connected to an organisation that sets regulations. The following are the 186 direct entry requirements you must satisfy:

1. Possess the Required Professional Experience

Many applicants must have at least three years of relevant work experience unless excluded. 

2. Obtain a Positive Skills Evaluation

A skills assessment is a crucial prerequisite for each candidate nominated. You must demonstrate your abilities for the position you are nominated for. You can obtain a direct entry visa after receiving your positive skills evaluation.

3. Obtain Sponsorship From an Employer in Australia

An employer located in Australia must have nominated you. To ensure they operate lawfully, your prospective employer must nominate you through the official channels. If the nominee has withdrawn their nomination or there is unfavourable information about them, the department may deny their request.

4. Health Insurance

The candidates and any family members travelling with them must meet minimal health standards. A licensed healthcare professional must examine you, and they will submit the results on your behalf.

5. Character Requirements

You and any family members must meet the character requirements for Australia to apply for the visa with you.

6. Language Prerequisites

You must fulfil the basic requirements in English. You need to speak English fluently if you are not an American, British, Canadian, New Zealand, or Irish citizen. Test results from assessments like the OET, PTE Academic, TOEFL iBT, Cambridge C1 Advanced, or IELTS must be within a respectable range.

7. Skilled Occupation List

Your position ought to be listed under skilled occupations. This list is updated to reflect changing requirements. Ensure your occupation is listed on the 186 visa listing, as not all occupations are eligible for all types of visas.

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The Documentation Required for the Employer Nomination Program (Subclass 186)

Compile the documents required to submit a visa application for the employer nomination program subclass 186. Please remember that not every application may need all of these documents and that extra documentation may be requested by immigration:

  • Police report confirming an individual’s moral character
  • CV or resume using Form 80
  • Records about a dependent or spouse, including identity documents, character references, English test results, and health examination findings
  • An official character certificate
  • A recently obtained certificate of proficiency in English
  • Documents demonstrating membership in an industry group or an exemption from a skills examination for a particular occupation
  • Proof of Identity
  • An authenticated statement of Australian principles
  • Evidence of marital status, including a certificate
  • Proof of your good health

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Process for 186 Direct Entry Visa Applications

  • You must complete the Subclass 186 assessment to know if you qualify for this ENS – Subclass 186 visa. 
  • You will need sponsorship via the direct entrance stream after your firm issues you with the TRN (Transaction Reference Number). 
  • Must pass the exams for your skills, English language proficiency, and any other prerequisites to be eligible.
  • After the date of nomination, you have six months to submit a visa application using ImmiAccount to complete. 
  • You can do this in Australia and overseas as well. You must pay your 186 visa fees. The immigration authorities may ask for biometrics and other information; you should respond to them immediately. 
  • It can take many months to obtain the decision. The department will communicate the visa decision to you. 
  • If your request is turned down, you will be notified of your opportunity to ask for a review. You can obtain a visa and begin working in Australia upon approval of the application. 
  • Although applying for a 186 visa is complicated, but if you work with an experienced and qualified everything goes smoothly.

186 Visa Direct Entry Processing Time and Cost

The processing time for visa 186 direct entry is as follows: 

  • 75% of applications in 12 months and 
  • 90% of applications in 15 months

It may be more appropriate to apply for something like a Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) subclass 482 visa and then convert to an 186 at a later date if you need to find work in Australia quickly because the application process is a little bit lengthier than that of temporary working visas.

The standard application price is $4,115, including any additional fees for family members you list on your application. A second payment of $4,890 will be due for each additional application if they are not proficient in English.

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Wind Up

Skilled workers and the companies who sponsor them can gain permanent residency in Australia through the direct entry 186 visa, which is a substantial route. Applicants must be aware of the qualifying 186 direct entry visa conditions, the roles of employers, the application process, and their obligations during this process. You must get professional assistance for the documentation procedure, such as from a Migration Agent Perth WA. He will guide you so that there are no application errors made in addition to expediting the processing of your visa application.