Is Student Visa Subclass 500 A Permanent Visa In Australia?

Is Student Visa Subclass 500 A Permanent Visa In Australia?

International students these days look for a nation where they can receive an education of the best quality. That is the reason why the majority of them choose Australia as their education country among all the other nations. This unique and beautiful country will not only provide aspiring candidates with a chance to learn and gain knowledge in their respective fields. But will also enable them to enjoy outstanding student life. There are so many prestigious and well-known universities that provide world-class education and come with the best facilities for the students. One can only these receive benefit through the Student Visa Subclass 500 as it’s the only way one can complete his/her studies within the nation.

Why Choose The Student Visa Subclass 500?

The Student Visa 500 is pretty much popular among international candidates and a temporary visa that allows you to study in Australia. Through this visa subclass 500, they can stay within the nation for 5 years and get to complete their course without any interruption. Eligible students can also grab the opportunity to work for 40-hours every 2 weeks so that they can support themselves while studying.

The best thing about working on this student visa is that you can work unlimited hours during holidays or summer breaks. No matter what type of job he/she chooses to do, the Australian Government has no problem regarding it. You need to be at least 6 years or older and must provide a CoE for their intended course. Through this particular subclass 500, individuals will get the chance to receive education in the Australian way.

In other words, he/she will not just receive theory but also obtain real-world practical experience. Doing so will enhance their level of knowledge and understanding. With the help of this visa, students can go in and out of Australia, thanks to 5 years of validation.


How To Apply For The Student Visa 500?

Applying for the student visa 500 is not that difficult as the application process will occur within the online platform. The first thing you must do is fill out the entire visa application form and provide correct information or details. Aspiring candidates also have to attach all the required documents, which are crucial for the visa approval and provide any other documents if needed. Before submitting, it’s requested that the students check their documents one more time and any important paper or document, which was left out.

Filling out incorrect information and not providing some of the required documents will lead to the cancellation of the visa. If one doesn’t know where and how to begin the visa process, it will much better to consult with a registered and trusted immigration agent on such matters. Taking their services will certainly help him/her with the visa process, and the agents will guide them in every step so that they do not experience any issue or confusion during the process.


Can One Apply For A PR After Completing Their Course In Australia?

In short, yes, it’s possible to do so. Individuals who have come to Australia through the Visa Subclass 500 are free to apply for a PR or Permanent Residency once they complete their course. But before one thinks of the permanent residency, it is important to think about the chances and prospects that will help in getting a PR. It will better to begin the journey by checking out the occupation list and check the visas and lists, which an individual falls under.

Even though an individual’s occupation is on the list today but it might be removed or not available by the time he/she becomes eligible for the permanent residency visa or any other type of visa, which will lead them closer towards PR. Apart from the courses, factors such as qualifications, partner’s skills, age, employment experience, and English language ability.

How To Improve The Chances Of Gaining A PR?

When students complete their studies in Australia, they encounter that they are not eligible for the PR immediately. It’s because they do not have the required points of skilled migration, or they do not have the state government or employer to sponsor them. But individuals can improve their likelihood of gaining a permanent residency within Australian soil. This is possible after he/she completes their degree to gain language skills and work experience through the Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485.

One must also complete an advanced qualification, and improve their English-language skills. After fulfilling all these requirements, the chances of an individual obtaining a PR will be much higher. One must complete the PYP or Professional Year Program, which are structured development programs that combines workplace experience and formal learning. These programs are available within the fields of engineering, computer science, and accounting. Having the Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485 is also pretty crucial as it will help in completing all the needs for the PR.

Immigration Agents Perth: How Will They Help?

When it comes to applying for a permanent residency after completing a course, one must seek professional help. For that, the reliable, registered, and trusted Immigration Agents Perth are the best people to choose. Their skills and knowledge in dealing with visa-related work are world-class and carry years of experience in helping and advising international students on PR and other things. It will be not that difficult for individuals to apply for the PR when they have expert guidance beside them.

The agents will lead each of the interested students towards the right path and provide them with information on things related to PR. The agents will also provide Visa Advice Perth, which will be highly beneficial for the students. Apart from that, students who were struggling to fill out the visa application will not have issues in doing so as the immigration agents will tell them what they need to provide and how to proceed.


Final Words

Many international students dream of living, study and working in Australia. But that dream can be turned into reality when they apply for a student visa or any other visa, which will make them eligible for a permanent residency. Interested candidates must consult or contact their immigration agents and obtain a proper understanding of such matters. The agents will provide the right solution on such matters so that he/she becomes eligible for a PR.