Complete Guide to Apply for a Working Holiday Visa Australia!

The working holiday visa in Australia, also called the WHV, could make your dreams come true! Whether you’re a seasoned traveller or just starting, this guide is here to help you apply and kickstart your Australia adventure.

The Working Holiday Visa Australia 2024 helps you to explore Australia, work to fund your adventures, and maybe even learn some new skills. Picture yourself working with Australian people once you get this visa.

Want to learn more about it? Then, let’s dive in! We’ll guide you through eligibility and step-by-step application so you can focus on gearing up for this epic adventure.

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What is Australian working holiday visa?

Those between 18 and 30 who want to travel extensively or work and travel in Australia can apply for an Australian working holiday visa. You can work overseas, put money down for a trip, and gain valuable work experience with the aid of this visa.

While you’re in Australia with this visa, you can legally:

  • Take up short-term jobs
  • Study for up to 4 months
  • Travel to and from Australia whenever you want

This work and holiday visa Australia has a specific duration, but the cool thing is you can apply for it up to three times. So, you might extend your stay or plan another work and travel in Australia in the future, as long as you still fit the age requirements.

Unlike some other countries where working holiday visas are limited and competitive, Australia’s system is open to anyone applying. Of course, you need to meet certain criteria, which we’ll talk about in a bit.

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Australia Working Holiday Visa Application Process

Getting a working and holiday visa in Australia involves a few simple steps to make sure you qualify. All you have to do is provide the needed documents. Let’s break down the Australian work visa requirements in simple terms for you:

Step 1: Health Exams

Depending on your situation, you might need health exams. You can do these before applying or wait for instructions from Australia. Figure out what exams you need and how to arrange them.

Step 2: Collect Documents

You’ll need different documents for your application:

  • Identity documents: Pages of your passport with your photo, personal details, and dates.
  • Proof of Enough Funds: Show you have about AUD 5,000 to support yourself and buy a return ticket.
  • Prove Your Character: If you’ve spent a year or more in Australia in the last decade since you turned 16, you might need an Australian police certificate. The same goes for other countries; if you’ve spent a year or more there, you could require overseas police certificates.
  • Other Requirements: Now, if you’ve served in the military, include your service records. And here’s a heads up: if your documents aren’t in English, get them translated. Accredited translators in Australia can handle this, while those outside Australia need to provide specific details for each translation. It’s about ensuring your character shines through in the right language.

Step 3: Apply Online

To apply for an Australian visa online:

  • Log in or create an ImmiAccount.
  • Attach all required documents.
  • Pay the application fee.

Step 4: Wait for the Decision

After applying, you’ll get a written notification from Australian authorities. If approved, you’ll receive details like your visa grant number and start date. Keep a copy during your stay. If your application is denied, you’ll be told why and if you can request a review of the decision.

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Working Holiday Visa Australia Validity

The working holiday visa for Australia is a transitory document with temporal restrictions. You cannot postpone or extend the 12 months once the visa is approved. You must enter Australia within that time.

Your stay in Australia officially begins the day you arrive. People are allowed to remain for a maximum of 12 months, during which they are free to enter and exit the nation as often as they like. This allows you to maximize your working holiday experience by allowing people to explore, work, and travel.

Cost of an Australia Working Holiday Visa

The working visa Australia cost AUD 4,045. However, there can be further costs related to your application procedure on top of this base price. These may include costs for police reports, health examinations, and, if necessary, biometrics.

Working Holiday Visa Documents Requirement 

  • Passport: Scanned copy showing personal details and passport issue information.
  • Birth Certificate: You must display your full legal name and both parents’ legal names. Alternatively, a similar government-issued document with immediate family details is accepted.
  • Financial Evidence: Proof that you can financially support yourself with at least AUD5,000 for expenses.
  • Proof of Education: Documents confirming you meet the education requirements for visa 462.
  • Letter of Support: Required from your governmental institution or alternative if you are from a specific country.
  • Name Change Proof: If applicable, documents proving a change in your name.
  • English Language Proficiency: Evidence of at least a functional level of English proficiency unless you are from an English-speaking country.
  • Assistance Forms: Submit either Form 956a or Form 956 based on your situation.

Australia Working Holiday Visa Extension

It is not possible to extend your working holiday visa to Australia 2024. You must apply for a different visa corresponding to the length of time and reason for your desired stay in Australia if you intend to stay longer.

However, there is a great exception, you can apply for a second working holiday visa if this is your first and you match the requirements. In this manner, you can extend your stay and continue to relish your Australian working holiday.


The Working Holiday Visa Australia offers a thrilling opportunity for young adventurers to blend work, study, and travel. This guide outlines the application process, emphasizing key steps like health exams and document submission. The visa provides a 12-month window for exploration, work, and studies, with the option for a second visa for eligible first-time applicants, extending the Australian adventure.

Understanding costs, required documentation, and visa limitations is crucial. For a seamless experience, individuals can seek assistance from a migration agent in Perth WA. Choosing the best migration agent in Perth can provide you with all the necessary support. However, if you want to apply yourself, then this guide serves as a roadmap for turning the dream of an Australian working holiday into a tangible reality.