How To Apply For A Post Study Work Visa in Australia?

How To Apply For A Post Study Work Visa in Australia?

Many international students wish to stay back in Australia post the completion of their studies over there. A post-study work visa lets you live in Australia for as long as four years to work in Australia after you’ve completed your studies. A prominent instance of the Post Study Work Visa in Australia is the Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485 comprising two individual streams.

An Introduction To The Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485!

So, as a fresh applicant, you might ask what is the purpose of the 485 visa subclass? The reply is quite simple. According to the skills and qualifications that you possess you can apply for your 485 visa effectively. This visa again has two individual streams, i.e. the graduate workstream and the Post Study Work Visa stream. With the former visa stream, you can stay in Australia for a period of eighteen months. Conversely, with the latter visa stream, you can stay in Australia for between two to four years. Both these visa streams let you stay, work and study in Australia temporarily.

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Key Eligibility Requirements For 485 Subclass Visa

To apply for this post study work visa in Australia, you need to meet certain eligibility requirements indispensably. A checklist of the basic eligibility criteria of the 485 visa subclass can be considered below.

• You should be below the age of 50 years

• You should hold or must have held a valid student visa while completing your studies in Australia

• You must have completed your graduation with an academic program of a minimum of two years and not less. Meeting this criterion is imperative if you are applying for the post-study workstream of the 485 visa. In any way, the length of your study should be two years and not less. Say, for instance, you have completed a post-graduation level study for one year. Then, make sure that you complete another post-graduation level program subsequently. These two durations will be counted collectively to offset your minimum study length.

• The duration for which you have held your eligible student visa should at least be six months and not less

• Make sure that is not the holder of a valid recognized graduate visa or temporary graduate visa previously.

• Certain qualifications are only considered eligible to apply for this post-study workstream in Australia. It requires you to the beholder of a doctoral, post-graduation level, or graduate-level degree.

• You must have completed your studies with an eligible education provider in Australia. This education provider must be registered under the CRICOS. Besides, your education provider should only offer degree-level courses to international students like you.

• You must pass certain English language tests with the desired score. Common examples include Cambridge C1 Advanced Test, Occupational English Test, IELTS, TOEFL iBT and PTE, etc. Alternatively, you need to be the passport holder of certain countries. These include the Republic of Ireland, New Zealand, Canada, and the United States of America.

• You should be the holder of a substantial health insurance cover

• As the main applicant, you must meet all the health and character requirements in a proper way.

• You must have signed the Australian Values Statement without a failure

• You should not owe any potential debts to the government of Australia. The same rule applies to each of your family members who are applying for this visa along with you.

• Make sure that you don’t have a past record of any Australian visa being canceled or refused.

Note, if you have completed a bachelor’s degree program, then, you can stay in Australia for two years. In case you have completed a post-graduation level program, then, you can stay in Australia for three years. Alternatively, you can stay in Australia for years in case you have completed a PhD level program.

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How To Apply For The Post Study Work Visa Subclass 485!

So, to apply for the 485 subclass visa impeccably, you must adhere to the subsequent steps one after the other.

• Start preparing for your application once you receive the ascertainment message from the end of your education provider. This confirmation message will ensure the successful completion of your academic program

• Next you need to gather the right set of documents to apply for the post-study workstream of the 485 visa. You will get detailed bits of information regarding the document checklist tool on the Australian Immigration Department’s official site.• Make sure that you apply for the post-study workstream of the 485 visa within a certain time-frame. According to this criterion, you need to apply for the same within six from the date of the completion of your course.

• So, you are ready with all the required documents, hence, you need to apply for the 485 visa subclass. Make sure that you create an authentic ImmiAccount on the official site of the Department of Home Affairs

• Alternatively, you can also apply for the Visa Subclass 485 via a paper form only if certain circumstances apply. These include the inclusion of a no further stay’ condition of 8503 or that of 8534 which applies on your student visa.

• Once your application is approved you will need to pay the right application fees for your visa subclass 485.

• Then your visa will start getting processed. The processing time of this visa is maximum four months and not more than that.

• In case, the Australian Immigration Department has asked you to submit some credentials more, do submit them on time.

• Finally, the Department of Home Affairs will notify you about the actual outcome of your 485 visa. All this correspondence will take place via your ImmiAccount itself.

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