If you desire to move to Australia for short stay for different purposes such as medical treatment, business deals, vacation, study or short term work you can apply for the visitor visa. The visitor visa comes under four categories. You can apply for the visa stream which suits your location, length of stay, purpose of visit and passport.

Apply for the visa which fulfills your requirements. You must comply with the eligibility criteria and requirements of the visa stream you want to lodge the visa application.

Categories of Visitor Visa Australia:

If you possess a passport from a eligible country and are out of Australia, you can apply for the following visa streams:

Visitor visa (Subclass 600):

If you want to visit Australia for business purposes or spending a holiday, you can apply for the visitor visa 600. You can live in Australia for different durations such as three, six or twelve months. The individuals from the People’s Republic of China can apply for the visa if they want to migrate to Australia.

Electronic Travel Authority Visa (Subclass 601):

If you desire to migrate to Australia for recreational visits or business motives, you can apply for the Electronic Travel Authority visa 601. You can move in and out of Australia numerous times throughout the year depending on your need. At a time you cannot live more than 3 months in Australia. You must be offshore at the time of visa application.

eVisitor Subclass 651:

The eVisitor subclass 651 visa allows you to move to Australia as a tourist or for business motives. You can live in Australia for duration of one year effective from the date of grant of visa. The visa is free and you can stay in Australia for duration of 3 months per visit.

Medical Treatment Subclass 602 Visa:

If you are visiting Australia for a medical treatment or consultation you can apply for the 602 subclass visa. The duration of your stay is based on the time of completion of medical treatment.

Individuals who want to donate or receive organ, accompany an organ donor can apply for the medical visa.

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