The Refugee and Humanitarian visa allows applicants to stay permanently in Australia. Before applying for the humanitarian visa you must understand the visa requirements and fulfil all the health and character requirements.

The Refugee and Humanitarian visa allows you to work and study in Australia. You can even sponsor your family members to stay in Australia based on eligibility conditions.

Categories of Refugee and Humanitarian Visas Australia:

Onshore visa:

Protection Visa Subclass 866:

The Protection Visa subclass 866 visa allows you to live and work in Australia permanently. Applicants who fulfil the complementary protection conditions and fall under the Migration Act 1958 can apply for the protection visa. You must satisfy the protection obligations of Australia along with a legal entry in Australia to be eligible to apply for the visa.

Offshore Visas:

Refugee Visa Subclass 200:

The Refugee visa subclass 200 allows the applicants to stay in Australia indefinitely.  They can work and study in Australia and live permanently. It allows the visa holders to sponsor their eligible family members to the country.

Individuals who are subject to discrimination in their native country can apply for the Refugee visa.

In Country Special Humanitarian Visa subclass 201:

Individuals who are subject to persecution or are victimised in their own countries can apply for the In Country Special Humanitarian visa. It is a permanent visa which allows the applicants to study, stay and work in Australia. Individuals who could not seek refuge in other country and want to migrate to Australia can apply for the visa.

Global Special Humanitarian Visa Subclass 202:

The Global Special Humanitarian visa subclass 202 allows the individuals who suffer persecution and discrimination in their home country to move to Australia. Individuals are allowed to work, stay and study in Australia. You can register yourself for Medicare and enjoy health benefits. Individuals are also entitles to sponsor their families for permanent residence in Australia.

Woman at Risk Visa subclass 204:

Women who suffer gender abuse or victimization in their homeland are eligible to apply for the Woman at Risk visa subclass 204. The applicants must present a recommendation letter from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees to apply for the visa grant. They can also apply for Australian citizenship and even sponsor their family members to stay in Australia depending on eligibility.

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