189 Visa Processing Time: A Comprehensive Guide

The Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189 provides an alternate means of entry into Australia for skilled workers lacking sponsorship from an Australian company or family member, either in a State or Territory. As long as they fulfil the criteria specified in the framework for the skills assessment, skilled professionals can live, work, and study in Australia with this permanent residency visa. The Australian Department of Home Affairs' priorities, whether you filed a decision-ready visa application, the time it takes to[...]

485 Visa Processing Time: A Comprehensive Guide

After graduating, international students frequently decide to remain in Australia. They must apply for a 485 visa to reside in Australia after graduation. An Australia 485 Temporary Visa is a short-term visa. It is for overseas students who have completed their degrees in Australia. They can reside, study, and work in Australia with a valid visa subclass 485. You have up to eighteen months to be in Australia. Visa Subclass Processing Time The temporary graduate visa subclass 485 processing time[...]

Student Visa 500 Processing Time: 2023 Definitive Guide

Although a wide range of visa subclasses are available depending on your age group, the length of your stay, and your travel objectives, for young people who wish to study higher education in Australia, the most common type of visa is the Australian student visa subclass 500, typically five years. You must first meet a few prerequisites to lodge the Australia student visa application. Take a glance at the list below. You must have enrollment in the Australian study programme[...]

Understanding The 186 Visa Processing Time In Australia: A Comprehensive Guide

Persons with appropriate credentials may move to Australia, set up a permanent residency, and find a job with the employer nomination scheme subclass 186. When they propose a skilled worker, an employer can use this employer-sponsored PR Australia visa to obtain an Australian resident permit. It enables a candidate to take advantage of all of Australia's privileges, such as its robust economy, high-level job security, outstanding educational possibilities, and high standard of living. Furthermore, if the applicant's family members qualify[...]

887 Visa Processing Times

An individual possessing a permanent visa under Subclass 887 can remain in Australia Permanently. Candidates who have resided and worked in particular regional Australian locations can apply under this visa category. There are no points-based requirements for this visa. Holders of temporary visas for any of the following have access to a permanent processing visa known as the Skilled Regional Visa Subclass 887: Regionally skilled subclass 489 (provisional visa) Area Sponsored skilled visa subclass 496 (temporary visa)  Subclasses 475 and[...]

155 Resident Return Visa – What You Need To Know!

Permanent residency is awarded to you as soon as your original visa is approved (subclass 189, 190, and other permanent visas), starting on the date specified in your visa grant letter. Your visa issuance letter will also mention that you have been given a "travel authority," valid for five years. Having permanent residency (PR) entitles you to stay in Australia eternally, but if you ever wish to leave the country and come back, you must still have your travel authorization.[...]

7 Effective Methods For Sponsoring Your Parents To Australia

Are you an Australian citizen or permanent resident who wants to bring their parents in Australia? With the Australia Parent Migration Visa, people with permanent residency or citizens can sponsor their parents for a PR visa. However, applying for a parent visa Australia is not easy. Therefore, you will require professional assistance. An immigration agent Perth, WA, can assist you in settling down in Australia with your parents due to extensive expertise and years of experience in Australian immigration. Parent[...]

What Are The Recent Changes In Australian Student Visa?

For International students looking to study abroad, Australia has long been a top choice. There are many students seeking out top-notch universities. An international student visa to Australia is the way to stay and get an education there. Most Australian educational institutions have very high rankings on the Times Higher Education (THE) and Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) rankings.  However, the Australian government recently changed some student visa 500 provisions. To know these amendments, you must contact a professional for free consultation.[...]

What Are The Qualities Of The Best Visa Consultants In Australia?

It is difficult to secure an immigrant visa regardless of the nation. Each nation's government created its own immigration rules and regulations. Due to the newly implemented and revised immigration restrictions, the application process is challenging. Sometimes it seems essential that the candidate be fully informed. You should get advice and guidance from a qualified immigration specialist or Australian consultancy firm to gather the required documentation and complete this process. Then, an immigration consultant is an expert who provides aid,[...]