The Investor Visa Australia entitles you to own or operate an existing business in Australia. Individuals who desire to apply for the visa must demonstrate adequate evidence of owing an existing business in Australia since the last 4 years.  It is a permanent visa which enables you to stay study and work in Australia.

Categories of Investor Visa Australia:

It is not impossible to operate a business in one of the world’s most developed countries like Australia. However, certain standards apply like obtaining the Investor Visa Australia, for one. To be able to apply for this visa type, one must have owned an existing business in this country for the past four years.

Investor Visa Subclass 891:

The applicants of visa subclass 891 can apply for the visa only if they hold the Provisional subclass visa 162. You must fulfill the basic eligibility requirements along with the business, health and character requirements. On getting the visa, you can move in and out of Australia as many times you want. The individuals can stay permanently in Australia.

State or Territory Sponsored Investor Subclass Visa 893:

The applicants who want to apply for subclass visa 893 must have sponsorship letters from the state or territory government organizations. You have to submit EOI (Expression of Interest) to apply for the visa. You have to demonstrate strong sense of commitment to operate a profit-making business in Australia. Individuals who hold the subclass 165 visa can apply for the 893 investor visa to move to Australia.

Business Innovation and Investment 188 Visa Australia(Provisional):

The individuals who desire to own a new business or manage an existing business in Australia are eligible to apply for the 188 Visa Australia. You can apply under the business innovation stream for the visa.

You must get an invitation and sponsorship by the state or territory government to apply for the 188 visa. You must satisfy the health, character and basic requirements to be eligible for the visa.

Business Innovation and Investment Subclass 888 Visa (Permanent):

The visa subclass 888 allows the business owners to manage an existing business in Australia. Applicants have to submit a strong evidence of their business and entrepreneurial interest. You must have a nomination letter along with the invitation by the state or territory government. Applicants must hold 444 subclass visas prior to the application of the 888 subclass visa.

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