If you want to own or run a new or existing business in Australia, you must apply for Business Visa Australia.  The business visa enables you to live and work indefinitely in Australia based on the eligibility requirements.

The Business visa comes under three different streams Business Owner, State/Territory Sponsored Visa and Business Talented Visa.  The applicants must fulfill all the basic requirements along with the health and character requirements of the visa they want to apply for.

The Business Visa allows the individuals to travel to Australia unlimited number of times for a duration of five years. You can also sponsor your family members to travel to Australia. You can even apply for permanent residency in Australia depending on your eligibility.

Categories of Business Visa Australia:

Are you wishing to expand open an existing business in Australia? Then, you must apply for a Business Visa Australia. This visa type will allow you to live and stay in Australia according to your eligibility requirements. This type of visa comes with three streams: The State/Territory Sponsored Visa, the Business Talented Visa, and the Business Owner visa.

Business Owner Visa Subclass 890:

If it you are aspiring to manage or own a business in Australia but you don’t live there, don’t worry. However, you must first obtain the Visa 890. The 890 Visa is granted to anyone aspiring to become a business owner or manager in Australia provided that he obtains the necessary requirements. With the Subclass Visa 890, you can travel in and out this country with a five-year period. Just be sure you are a holder of a provisional visa and provide proof of your experience as a business owner or manager in Australia.

State or Territory Sponsored Business Owner Visa Subclass 892:

If you want to open a business in Australia via a sponsorship from the Australian Territory or State, you must obtain the 892 Visa. The Visa 892 is a permanent visa that allows an individual to stay and live in Australia with a five-year duration. To get the Subclass 892, you must acquire all the requirements needed. But you must first be a holder of the provisional visa and submit the necessary evidence of relevant character and health requirement.

Business Talent Visa Subclass 132 – Permanent:

The Business Talent Visa subclass 132 entitles the individuals to start a new or extend existing business in Australia. To apply for the 132 visa subclass, you must possess an application by the State or Territory government and fulfill the basic requirements of the visa. Applicants must present the EOI (Expression of Interest) to seek invitation for the application submission.

If you establish yourself as a successful entrepreneur in Australia, you must have the Business visa.

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