Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme Subclass 187 Visa enables the business owners in Australia to fill the vacant positions in their firm by hiring skilled workers from overseas which they could not fulfill through the local labour market. This visa entitles the sponsored candidates to bring their family members in Australia along with them to study and work and avail other benefits. Subclass 187 Visa is classified into two streams: Direct Entry Stream and Temporary Residence Transition Stream.

You can apply for Subclass Visa 187:

You fulfill the below requirements of the Regional Sponsor Migration Scheme Subclass Visa 187 for Australia:

  • You are below 45 years of age
  • You have secured nomination from an approved Australian sponsor for a position in regional Australia
  • Qualify conditions of the visa stream applied
  • Possess the relevant skills and qualifications for the nominated position

What are the 187 Visa privileges?

187 visa Australia allows the sponsored candidates to live, study and work in Regional Australia (Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Northern Territory, Western Australia, Norfolk Island, South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania, and Queensland) indefinitely. Later when you qualify you can apply for Australian citizenship and sponsor your eligible family members for permanent residence in Australia. The holders of visa subclass 186 can also avail benefits of Medicare which is Australia’s healthcare scheme.

Eligibility for Regional Sponsor 187 Visa Australia

In order to get the visa 187 Australia grant, the applicants must meet the below eligibility criteria:

  • They must be nominated by Australian sponsor along with the approval of nomination within six months of application. It is necessary to apply for the same stream for which you have been nominated by your employer else the application could be cancelled.
  • Applicants of TRT and DE streams must have sufficient competency in English language. Different streams have different requirements for English language competency.
  • Must undergo health examinations to ensure they meet the minimum health standards. Health requirements depend on the visa stream you have applied for. A proof of adequate health insurance is obligatory for a stay in Australia.
  • Must possess a good code of conduct and satisfy the character requirements. You need to present a police clearance certificate from the country where you have stayed for a year or more after the age of 16.
  • Must be competent in English language skills

Regional Migration 187 Visa FAQ’s

What is the cost of this visa application?

The estimate cost of RSMS Subclass 187 application is AUD 3,755

How long does this visa let me stay in Australia?

The 187 Visa lets you live indefinitely in Australia as it is a permanent resident visa.

How long it takes to process this visa application?

The processing duration for different visa stream is as under:

  • Temporary Residence Transition Stream: 12 to 13 months
  • Direct Entry Stream: 21 to 23 months
  • Agreement Stream: Unavailable (due to few number of applications)

How should I select the visa stream?

Temporary Residence Transition Stream: Holders of Temporary Skilled Work Visa (Subclass 457) and TSS (Temporary Skill Shortage Subclass 482) can apply under TRT stream. The applicant must have worked for the employer for the nominated position.

Direct Entry Stream: If applicants fail to meet the conditions of TRT, then they can apply for the DE stream.

Note: The employer must sponsor the applicant for permanent residence.

How to apply for this visa?

The visa lodgement process has two steps:

  • Nomination by Australian Sponsor
  • Application for the nominated stream

Who could be included in my visa application?

You can include family members such as partner, children/step-children or children of their partners. Proper proof of relationship is mandatory.

Do I have to be in Australia to apply for this visa?

No. You can apply for RSMS Visa from in or outside of Australia.

Provided information should not be taken as exhaustive, additional requirements for the visa do apply. Visa requirements may differ as per individual circumstances. For your eligibility assessment visit one of our qualified professionals.

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