Your substantive visa is subject to visa refusal or cancellation if you do not abide by the subsequent visa conditions. Some of the major reasons that lead to visa cancellation are job termination in terms of employer sponsored visa, end of relationship in case of partner visa or criminal activities. Refusal of visa grant while application of a new visa is another part besides cancellation. If you provide any misleading, fake or suspicious information in your visa application form than Australian immigration authority can refuse it at any given point of time.

It can be better explained by dividing it into three parts:

Visa Refusals:

The Department of Home Affairs Australia can refuse or reject your visa application if you were unable to submit a complete visa file with all the relevant documents needed or you stated misleading information in the form.

Visa Cancellation:

If you are living in Australia on a substantive visa and have breached some rules of living in the country than in that case Australian immigration authority cancels your visa and gives you a certain time limit to leave the country.

Visa Appeals:

It is your legal right to consult an expert for your Australian Visa Refusals and Cancellations against any of the above condition, if you are sure of the information to be genuine or of not violating any rule. You must follow the set time lines to file your request to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal for Visa Refusal Australia in order your case to be considered.

How can we help you with the process?

We advise you on the best course of action to get the decision be reversed. With our significant experience we prepare submissions post evaluating your case thoroughly. We request proper and adequate evidence from our clients and make them ready for the review. Our team carefully assess your situation and find out the Australian Visa Refusal Reasons and make you ready for the hearing and also accompany you to the court on the day.

We have dealt with the number of visa refusal matters and have helped people in a range of visa streams such as Family visa, Business visa, Employer Sponsored visa, Partner visa, Student visa and Skilled visas.

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