Do you desire to travel to Australia for a holiday? Do you want to work temporarily in Australia and fulfil your dream of getting international exposure? The working holiday visa allows you to stay in Australia for a year.

You can have a wonderful vacation in Australia and gain relevant work experience to boost your skillset and proficiency to increase your employability opportunities.

To apply for the working holiday visa, you must be between the age group of 18-31 years. This temporary visa focuses to strengthen the ties between eligible countries and Australia.

The working holiday visa has certain restrictions. You cannot work with one employer for more than six months. The applicants must fulfil the health and character requirements to obtain the visa. You must possess a valid passport from eligible country to apply for the working holiday visa.

Categories of Working Holiday Visa Australia:

Working Holiday Visa Subclass 417:

The working holiday visa subclass 417 allows you enjoy luxurious holidays in Australia and gain relevant work experience. The applicants between 18-31 years of age can apply for the visa.

This temporary visa allows you to stay in Australia for duration of one year. You can travel in and out of Australia up to the time of visa expiry.

Work and Holiday Visa subclass 462:

The individuals between the age group of 18-31 years of age can apply for the visa subclass 462. You can spend wonderful vacation and work simultaneously to get work exposure.

Eligible applicant for 462 visa include the individuals who do not have dependent children. The applicants cannot bring their children to Australia.

You can also study in Australia for four months based on certain eligibility requirements.

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