Skilled Visa Perth

How Can You Migrate To Australia As A Skilled Worker?

The General Skilled Migration (GSM) program of Australia fulfils the shortage of skilled labour to maintain productivity.

The General Skilled Migration has become the fastest and most convenient way for overseas skilled workers to go to Perth and other Australian places. It accepts the Expression of Interest from those skilled individuals who plan to stay permanently in Australia. Professionals who seek a permanent residency are given more priority.

As a skilled professional, your occupation should be listed on the Skilled Occupation List or SOL. You can find this list on the website of the Australian Department of Home Affairs. The rule is easy to understand, and you will need to fulfil the points’ criteria to be eligible. Thus, if you need a skilled visa in Perth, you should gain at least 65 points as per the points table.

Different Types Of Skilled Visas Available in Australia

Here we discuss the three types of visas that you can obtain under the General Skilled Migration program.

1- Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189

The Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189 has two streams with different specifications and eligibility criteria. They are named the Points Tested Stream and New Zealand Stream.

A – Points Tested Stream

This visa will enable you to work and stay in any Australian city or region indefinitely. In addition, you can also study the desired course at your favourite university. If any of your relatives want to come to Australia and stay permanently, you will be eligible to sponsor them. After specific years of living, you can be eligible to apply for Australian citizenship.

  • Eligibility Criteria for the Visa

    – You must have an occupation included in the relevant skilled occupations list.
    – You must undertake a skills assessment conducted by the relevant assessing body.
    – You should fulfil the points-based criterion.
    – You must get an invitation to make the application.

  • Visa Application Cost

    The visa application fee for the primary applicant is AUD 4115.

  • Processing Times

    The visa application processing time depends on the number of applications submitted at a given time. 75% of applications are processed within 17 months, while 90% take about 28 months to process.

B- New Zealand Stream

As the name indicates, this specific stream of Visa Subclass 189 allows citizens from New Zealand to reside and do a job permanently anywhere in Australia. This visa also allows the holders to sponsor their eligible relatives for permanent residency in Australia. A New Zealand citizen can apply for Australian citizenship once eligible.

  • Eligibility Criteria for the Visa

    – You must hold the Subclass 444 Visa.
    – Staying for at least the last 5 years in Australia is necessary.
    – The stay period must be from on or before 19 February 2016.
    – Before submitting your application, you must have a taxable income equalling or above the minimum income limit for each required year.

  • Visa Application Cost

    For the main application, the visa application charge is AUD 4115. You have to pay the fee in two instalments, the first 20% during the application and the rest 80% before the decision is made.

  • Processing Times

    Processing time for 75% of applications is 15 months, and that for 90% of applications is 16 months.

2- Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190

The Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190 is also a permanent visa that will allow you to stay, study and work anywhere in Australia. For the following five years, you will be able to travel to and from Australia as many times as you want. You can also enrol in Medicare, which is the national health scheme of Australia. It will be of great help as it covers healthcare expenses at private and public hospitals. Last but not least, you can include your family members in the application and sponsor eligible relatives seeking PR in Australia.

  • Eligibility Criteria for this Visa

    – You have first to submit the EOI to the Home Affairs Department. If convinced, they will send you an invitation and only after receiving it can you proceed with the application.
    – An Australian territory or state government must nominate you for the visa. To get a nomination, you must fulfil the specific criteria of the state governments.
    – A positive result in the skills assessment will be necessary.
    – You should be under 45.
    – You must score 65 points
    – Having a competent level of English is essential.

  • Visa Application Cost

    For the Visa Subclass 190, too, you have to pay an application fee of AUD 4115.

  • Processing Times

    75% of applications get processed within 4 months. On the other hand, 90% of applications take about 15 months to process.


3- Skilled Work Regional Visa Subclass 491

The entitlements of the Skilled Work Regional Visa Subclass 491 are almost similar to the other two GSM visas. The only major difference is that you have to work and stay in a designated regional area of Australia. After 3 years of staying on this visa, you can apply for Australian citizenship.

  • Eligibility Criteria for this Visa

    – To apply for this visa, you must get the nomination from the territory or state government agency.
    – An eligible relative has to sponsor you.
    – Your occupation should be available on the relevant list of skilled occupations.
    – For the chosen occupation, a suitable skills assessment is necessary.
    – You must receive an invitation to apply.
    – Fulfilling the points-based criteria is also required.

  • Visa Application Cost

    For the principal applicant, the application fee for the Visa Subclass 491 is AUD 4115. This amount is the same for the subsequent entrant too. 

  • Processing Time

    75% of the applicants’ applications get processed within 11 months, while 90% take about 14 months. For subsequent entrants, the processing time for 75% of applications is 9 months, and that for 90% of applications is 11 months.

How to Meet the Eligibility Criteria for Skilled Migration?

You can choose any of the visas mentioned above. But first, you should see whether you can meet the general and visa-specific eligibility criteria. Go through the following factors to have precise information on what you should have and whatnot. For application convenience, you can contact a migration service that offers practical visa advice for Perth.

  1. Your age must be below 45.
  2. You must have at least competent English.
  3. A minimum of 65 points is required at the time of application.
  4. The relevant assessing body should assess your skills and qualifications.
  5. There should be no record of criminal activities.
  6. You must meet specific health requirements and should not have any infectious disease.
  7. Within two months of having received the invitation, you must complete the visa application and pay the fees.

It is a matter of your career, that too in another country. Therefore, you should never make any mistakes. Hiring a professional Migration Agent Perth can be a practical idea. The Australian migration is pretty complicated, and you may get confused. Because of their year-long experience, an immigration agent Perth can help you understand the whole process and make the entire procedure error-free, thus ensuring the best outcome.