What Happens If You Overstay In Australia After Your Visa Expiry?

What Happens If You Have Overstayed In Australia After Your Visa Expiry?

Australia is a unique nation, which is known for its high-quality education, numerous job opportunities, rich economy, and comfortable living. There are various visas, such as the TSS 482 Visa,189 Visa Australia, 190 Visa Australia, and many more which will enable them to visit Australia to study, work and live in the country. But on certain occasions, there are some individuals who realize after they have overstayed in Australia Doing so will label an individual as an unlawful citizen in Australia. But the time they realize their overstay, everything turns upside down for them. 

What To Do When One Has Overstayed In Australia?

If one is living in Australia with a Temporary Graduate Visa subclass 485 and their visa has expired but is still living in Australia, then it indicates that he/she has overstayed. But there is nothing to panic about. There are several ways through which individuals can overcome this problem and leave the nation. Once he/she has realized that they have overstayed, the first thing they need to do is inform the department. There are many visa holders out there who are afraid to notify the Department thinking they will be under detention. But that is not true.

The Department will not issue an arrest against an individual when they tell them about their overstaying problem. After informing them, the Department will suggest applying for a Bridging Visa E. Doing so will enable the individual to stay within Australia legally. While they do so, it will become much easier for them to prepare for their departure. Otherwise, if one has decided to apply for visa subclass 485, he/she can do so without any issues. The Bridging Visa will give them peace of mind and take away the worry of overstaying. 

Individuals might come across numerous other options, which will be helpful for their overstaying visa situation. Make sure to seek professional help before matters become much worse. Otherwise, one might face unwanted issues that will become too much for them to handle.


How Does Overstaying in Australia Exactly Impact You?

If an individual’s Temporary Skill Shortage Visa Subclass 482 expires and they get caught, he/she will go through detention. This will only happen when they do not inform the Department beforehand. There are several consequences that individuals might experience due to overstaying. Look below!

  • Overstaying visa less than 28 days: If an individual overstays their visa for less than 28 days and he/she has a partner or significant other, it will give them the chance to apply for a visa to reside within the nation legally. But one must provide some proof to become eligible for the partner visa. Before doing anything, it will be better if the expired visa holder takes advice from a registered and trusted migrated agent on such matters. They will help them receive the information you need on it. 
  • Overstaying visa more than 28 days: When one has overstayed in Australia with an expired visa for over 28 days, the situation will not look good. Individuals will go through an exclusion period when they need to apply for another visa. In other words, they will not be granted a visa for three years straight in the coming future. This particular situation is applicable even after the person leaves the country voluntarily. Overstaying in Australia for more than 28 days will also lead to providing a fee, which he/she owes to the Australian Government for removing and detaining them from the nation. 


How Can You Prevent From Overstaying In Australia?

When visiting this beautiful nation with a particular visa, one needs to keep a track of the visa’s expiry. Make sure to check the date when the visa will expire, so that all the necessary preparations are made for it. Doing so will prevent the individual from overstaying within the nation if their visa expires. When the expiry date is almost near, he/she can renew their respective visa right before it expires. This technique will also eliminate the chances of overstaying as well. 

If things look a bit confusing, it will be much better to opt for professional help. The professional and trusted Immigration Agent Perth are the right people to turn to when individuals are worried about the overstaying issue. The agents are experts in such areas and will provide them insights, tips, and advice through which can prevent the overstaying from taking place. 

How Can Immigration Agents Help You?

Individuals might have accidentally overstayed in Australia after their visa expired, and they need help regarding it, they must contact the immigration agent for it. The Immigration Consultant Perth are the only people who can help them regarding the overstaying situation. They have helped many temporary visa holders who have experienced the issue before and will provide them with the same guidance and assistance they need on such matters. 

Speaking of consulting with the visa specialist will provide individuals with many overstay options. One will gain insights on each of the visas, their eligibility, and the consequences each of them carries. They will also assist them in making the correct decision and whether or not one needs to spend money and time to apply for a visa onshore. There will be separate charges for the visa, but it’s guaranteed that it will be on the budget.

These immigration agents have been in this field for many years. They have received proper training, education, and knowledge to handle all kinds of visa-related challenges no matter how complex it is. Their job is to help visa holders when they have Overstayed In Australia. They will also help them leave the country without any problems or issues. One doesn’t have to worry much when they have the professionals beside them. 

Ending Note

Have You Overstayed in Australia while your visa has already expired? This might lead individuals to a state of panic and confusion. But there is nothing to worry about. Once the individual has realized they have overstayed, it will be better to contact the Department and they will offer them the help you need. Otherwise, one can contact the immigration visa specialists and resolve this issue as quickly as possible.