189 Visa Processing Time: A Comprehensive Guide

The Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189 provides an alternate means of entry into Australia for skilled workers lacking sponsorship from an Australian company or family member, either in a State or Territory. As long as they fulfil the criteria specified in the framework for the skills assessment, skilled professionals can live, work, and study in Australia with this permanent residency visa. The Australian Department of Home Affairs' priorities, whether you filed a decision-ready visa application, the time it takes to[...]

Understanding Visa Subclass 189 Points Requirement: Your Path To Australian Immigration!

Most immigrants who come to Australia do so not just in quest of a high quality of life but also because of the numerous employment opportunities that make Australia a country that draws qualified professional employees interested in settling here with their families. The Subclass 189 permanent residency visa, often known as the Skilled Independent visa, is a method that enables this. Depending on the points you receive in several circumstances, you may qualify to become an Australian permanent resident[...]

Know Everything About Skilled Independent Visa Australia to Apply in 2024

The skilled independent visa is a points-tested stream visa that allows the invited workers the right to live and work permanently in Australia. Under this visa, you can enrol in Australia's Medicare, sponsor your relatives to come to Australia, travel to and from Australia for five years and much more. As a skilled independent visa subclass 189 is a permanent visa, you can live in Australia indefinitely. You will also become a permanent resident the day you are granted this[...]

Difference Between Visa Subclass 189, 190 Visa And 186 Visa

Australia has implemented a number of employment visas for its overseas candidates to come and work in Australia under a sponsored employer for a specified period of time. Amongst so many employer visas, the three most important visa categories are the Visa subclass 189, visa subclass 190, and visa subclass 186. Visa 186 is specifically meant for all those applicants who have already been selected by a sponsored employer from a particular state/territory in Australia. On the other end, the[...]

How Can You Migrate To Australia As A Skilled Worker?

The General Skilled Migration (GSM) program of Australia fulfils the shortage of skilled labour to maintain productivity. The General Skilled Migration has become the fastest and most convenient way for overseas skilled workers to go to Perth and other Australian places. It accepts the Expression of Interest from those skilled individuals who plan to stay permanently in Australia. Professionals who seek a permanent residency are given more priority. As a skilled professional, your occupation should be listed on the Skilled[...]

Complete Guide for Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189 Australia!

Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189 is a points-based visa for skilled workers who did not get sponsored by a state or territory, an employer or a family member. You can also include eligible family members in your visa application. This 189 Visa Australia lets you work and live indefinitely in the country. The first thing that the applicants of this visa need to do is submit an EOI (Expression of Interest) through skill select in order to lodge a valid[...]

What is Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189 and its checklist

The Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189 has been designed for people who possess a couple of special knowledge and skills relevant to a specific Australian occupation. If you are someone like that, then, apply for the visa subclass 189 immediately. With visa subclass 189, you can stay and work anywhere in Australia permanently. Moreover, this particular visa is entire points-based, and, has been designed specifically for all those overseas applicants who wish to work and live in Australia permanently, and[...]