Know The Best Way To Enter Australia Through Visa Subclass 186

Know The Best Way To Enter Australia Through Visa Subclass 186

The 186 Visa or the subclass visa 186 gives all skilled workers a chance to settle down in Australia permanently. The visa is eligible for those individuals who are currently working in Australian, holding a temporary residence with their family, and those individuals who are living outside of the country but wishes to stay in Australia for education or work. To eligible to receive Employer Nomination Scheme Subclass 186, you are required to be nominated by an Australian employer and this criterion is portrayed as the Employer nomination scheme visa or ENS.

What Visa Subclass 186 can do for you?

With the help of Visa Subclass 186, you and your family granted to live and breathe in the Australian soil as a permanent resident of the government and the ENS 186 Visa Processing Time stretches up to 8 months, respectively. However, to receive the visa there are questions to be answered, blank places to be filled, paperwork sign, and requirements to fulfill. Once you are done with all the procedures, you will receive your ENS 186 visa in no time.

In Australia, immigration law, rules, and regulations are known to be dynamic and according to the experts, it has come to light that, the Ministry of Home Affairs has accepted 162,417 individuals for a permanent visa residence in 2017-2018, which is much lesser than the 183,608 of the previous year. However, the figure is currently standing well-below the original permanent immigration level of 190,000 placements.

On the other hand, there have also been numerous amounts of visa refusal by the Australian government as well. The major cause of the refusals were integrity issues, the genuineness of the application and security compliances, respectively. According to the recent statistics, there has been an increase in the visa refusals about 46% when compared with the previous years.

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Understanding the two ENS streams

To receive an Employer Nomination Scheme Subclass 186 visa, there are two types of streams, which you can choose from. Remember, each of these streams has its respective eligibility and registration process, which you are required to keep in mind. The two important streams are Temporary Residence Transition and Direct Entry Stream, respectively. To know more about each of the streams in full details, check out the information provided below. They are

1. The temporary residence transition stream (TRT) – permanent residency

This stream is eligible for those individuals who are already are 457 visa holders before a specific date and the eligibility of the permanent residence if it already met in the process. If you wish to obtain the temporary residence transition stream, you need to carry the 457 visas and work experience of two years with the same 457 sponsors. Only then, you will be eligible to receive the stream under the employer nomination scheme or Subclass 186 visa, and obeying all the rules and regulations. Given below is the list of requirements for the stream. They are

Experience: All visa holders must work for the same sponsor for 2 years or more through the 457 visas.

Age: The age of an individual must under 50 years.

Occupation: Should be a skilled worker and must have 2 years of work experience on 457 visas.

English skills: The 186 visa English requirements 2019 for all individuals must carry an English IELTS test score of 6.0 on each of the band.

Salary: All applicants should have been paid under the 457-nomination letter.

Business nomination requirements that fall under the TRT stream

The work of an employer is to provide the original and correct market value for the full-time employment towards the employee and must have sufficient funds as a piece of evidence for the training expenses. This will entirely depend on the issue of whether or not the business employees’ Australian citizens or for permanent residence. For more details and information, you can get in touch with Migration Agent Perth.

2. The direct entry stream (DE)-permanent residence

The 186 visas direct entry is for those individuals who are working holiday visa holders (417), holiday and work visa (462), or student visa. Individuals who hold anyone this visa are very much eligible to receive a permanent residence in Australia and return will be the proud holders of the Direct Entry Visa, respectively. Given below are some of the requirements that you need to fulfill for the direct entry stream. They are

Skill Assessment: An individual’s skills are a requirement to be under the long-term and medium strategic skills list. If not, then he/she might not be qualified enough to lodge a 186 DE visa.

Age: The applicant is required to be under the age of 45 years.

Experience and occupation: All applicants should have 3 years of experience under the same occupation, which is considered to be mandatory.

English skill: Individuals must carry an English IELTS test score of 6.0 under all the bands, respectively.

• The job should under a salary that falls under the correct level.

If you are interested to learn more about the direct entry visa that falls under the visa subclass 186, you can have a word with the experienced and migration agents to help you during the time of your need.

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Health requirements for the Visa Subclass 186

All the family members that include the family members who are not coming up to Australia are required to provide their documentation regarding medical and health purposes. They should meet all the needs of the health requirements, which is compulsory for the Employer Sponsored Visa 186, to be approved. Make sure all the documents you provide for the health must be correct, original and genuine, but be sure to check the documents thoroughly to see if everything is intact.

Final thoughts: Things to remember!

The information provided in this document will allow you to have a clear picture of the Subclass 186 visa and the pathways available. Make sure you provide all the information and details, as you are directed and provide nothing that does not match with the needs. This is because the chances of getting your visa refused will be high. Follow the instructions carefully, understanding the method and proceed accordingly.