Employer Nomination Scheme Subclass 186: Most Commonly Asked Questions

The Subclass 186 Visa is designed for all the skilled workers who wish to work and live in Australia permanently. Since this is an employer nominated visa, it can be a bit tough to obtain this visa compared with other visas.

Despite all that, the permanent residency or PR provided through this visa makes it worth it. Individuals who wish to apply for this visa certainly have many questions. 

This article contains answers to some of the most commonly asked questions, which will surely be helpful. 

What is Employed Sponsored Visa 186?

The Subclass 186 Visa is ideal for all the skilled workers who want to work and reside on Australian soil as permanent residents. This particular visa has three streams, and they are: 

1. Direct Entry Stream

This particular visa will allow all the skilled workers who the employer has nominated to work and live in the country permanently. Skilled workers applying for this stream should be listed under the eligible skilled occupations list and must have competent English. The fee was the Direct Entry Stream is AUD 4115. 

2. Labour Agreement Stream

This is another stream for the skilled workers who can live and work as permanent residents. The stream is also ideal for all those individuals who will work or is currently working for an employer who is part of a labour agreement. The cost of this stream is AUD 4115. 

3. Temporary Residence Transition Stream

This is another stream that falls under the Employer Nomination Scheme Subclass 186 visa, through which all the skilled workers can work and reside in Australia permanently. But to become eligible for this particular stream: 

  •  Individuals should have a Bridging visa A, B, or C, TSS or 45.
  • The skilled worker needs to be nominated by the employer.
  • You have to work for the employer for 3 years or full-time.

The cost for this particular stream is AUD 4115. 


Frequently Asked Questions For Subclass 186

1. What is the procedure for applying for a subclass 186 ENS visa?

To apply for the Employer-Sponsored Visa 186, here are steps one must follow: 

  • Applicants must check whether or not they are eligible for the visa.
  • One must get their employer to sponsor them under the Direct Entry Stream and get the Transaction Reference Number or TRN. 
  •  Applications should fulfil all the Visa Subclass 186 Requirements without fail. This means they need to get all their documents together, such as completing the English tests, appropriate skill assessment and various other eligibility criteria tests.
  • Apply for the 186 visas within 6 months of being designated. This should be done through the ImmiAccount. Applicants can go out or stay in Australia when applying for the visa and pay the visa fee on time.
  • Applicants should respond quickly when the Immigration Department ask for information like biometrics. 
  • Applicants will be notified about the outcome. If it gets refused, they will tell the reason and advise you to review the decision.

2. When should I submit my nomination and visa applications?

The nomination section should lodge first. Once that is done, one can lodge the visa subclass 186 application. You can also lodge both of the applications at the same sitting. If the nomination has been lodged, but you didn’t apply for the visa yet, you will get 6 month-time to get it done. 

3. What if I made a mistake on my application?

Applicants who make mistakes while preparing the lodgement form can quickly correct all the mistakes with no hassle. This should be done right before submission. But if you notice the mistake after applying, you must notify the Immigration Department immediately. 

Providing incorrect information can lead to some serious repercussions, especially with the documents being “BOGUS” or with the information being pretty much misleading. This situation can lead to visa delays, or it can also get refused by the Immigration Department. 

When an applicant goes into their applicant through their ImmiAccount, they will find the Update Details option located on the left side. By clicking on it, they will get the chance to provide the “Notification of Incorrection Answers”. It will specify which part of the application they are updating and why the information was changed.

4. What if my contact information has changed?

If you have changed the contact information, it’s suggested that you update the details with the immigration as quickly as possible. This can get the Subclass 186 Visa approved. Remember, the visa will only be approved against all the correct details. 

5. When will I be eligible for Medicare?

When you lodge the request for PR or permanent residence, you will surely become eligible for Medicare right from the date of lodgement. If you wish to confirm your eligibility, you must contact Medicare. 

6. What is the cost of Visa Subclass 186?

The cost of this particular visa is AUD 4115, and this particular charge is applied to all three streams that fall under the subclass 186 visa. 

7. What is the 186 Visa Processing Time?

The 186 Visa Processing Time varies greatly as it depends on the time of stream an individual opts for. Here are the processing times of all three streams:

  • Direct Entry Stream: 75% of these visa applications are processed within 6 months, and 90% are done within 9 months.
  • Labour Agreement Stream: 75% of applications are processed within 6 months, and 90% are processed within 24 months.
  • Temporary Resident Transition Stream: The processing time for this visa is 12 months for all 75% of the applications, and 90% of the applications are processed within 21 months.


Who Can Assist You In 186 Employer Nomination Scheme?

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