Visa Subclass 186

5 Tactics that Will Help You to Get Visa Subclass 186

If the candidates are looking for information about the strategies that guide them about visa subclass 186. Then their termination ends here that here the candidates are aware of 5 strategies that help them to get proper solutions regarding Employer Nomination Scheme Visa Subclass 186.

What Visa Subclass 186 Allow to Do in Australia:

There are unlimited advantages of employer nomination scheme visas subclass 186. Firstly the candidates must have foreign national skilled workers then they eligible for the subclass 186 visas. For these visas, the candidates have to need to accomplish the skills test that is nominated by the approved Australian employer. Students have to cover at least some requirements before applying for Employer Nomination Scheme Subclass 186.

Employer-Sponsored Visa 186 Offer Unlimited Opportunities to Candidates:

Sponsored Visa subclass 186 offers tremendous benefits to candidates and their families. With these visas, they can do work here and live for an indefinitely time in Australia. Even the candidates get an opportunity to study in Australia having this visa. They can easily take admission in Medicare Australia’s state-run healthcare programs. Even with these visas, the candidates get an opportunity to apply for Australian citizenship. If the candidates get permanent residence through these visas then they can easily sponsor their relatives for permanent residence. Students having these visas can easily move from one place to another.

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What Are Visa Subclass 186 Requirements?

There are some requirements that students have to be fulfilled for employers nomination schemes visa subclass 186 depending on which stream the candidates have to apply under:

Necessary 186 visa conditions for these visas are:

  • The candidates must have approved Australian employers.
  • The Age of candidates must be lesser than 50 years
  • The candidates must have English language skills to get these visas
  • This visa allows the students to work under three streams such as the temporary residence transition stream, the direct entry stream, and the agreement stream.

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Subclass 186 Visa Requirements Offer a Permanent Position to Candidates in The Same Occupation:

 Visa subclass 186 helps the temporary workers who are working in Australia to get a permanent position in that occupation. Under these visas that candidates get a valid nomination according to the Australian Department of Home Affairs. 

  • Direct entry stream helps the workers who are working under temporary residence transition stream have to apply for permanent resident residing in Australia through these visas. Even the candidates who hold a subclass 457 visas have not applied for temporary residence stream. To be eligible for this Temporary residence transition stream can also apply directly from outside Australia for these visas.
  • Agreement stream is specially designed for those candidates who hold a degree of temporary work skilled subclass 457 visas. To be eligible for these visas they must have age, skills, English language requirements that must be matched with this agreement.
  • Temporary residence transition stream, direct entry stream, the agreement streams are the three appropriate ways to meet the requirements of visas under which you are applying. This subclass visa 186 permits candidates to do jobs and work in Australia.
  • The candidates must have lodged a nomination before submitting an application for this visas. The candidates have to apply within a period of six months after the nomination is approved.
  • The candidates have to need properly make the documents with their application in order to approve the claims list.


  When the candidates have all documents approved they easily apply online for these visas. The candidates have to pay fees for this through online debit or credit card.

  • DHA takes several months to make a final decision on your visa application documents. Once your application is approved by Immigration Agent Perth then you will receive visas and start to work in Australia.


If you are planning to start work in Australia then this visas has opened the doors of success for you. The candidates can get permanent residence in Australia having these visas. But the candidates have strong labor skills, good scoring in English language testing tests conducted by the Australian migration government. If the candidates have cleared the test then they will easily get visas within no time & makes their career prosperous in developed country Australia.