Employer Guide To Sponsor Overseas Workers Through 482 Visa

Employer Guide to Sponsor Overseas Workers Through 482 Visa

Do you think you are facing a shortage of skilled humans resource in your country? There are opportunities provided by the Australian Government to the employers to sponsor skilled workers from other countries and bring to Australia to fill up an empty skilled position in their organization.
For this purpose, the visa department had the authority to issue a Temporary Skill Shortage 482 Visa to the applicant sponsored by the employer on satisfying all the attached conditions.

It is considered as a criminal offense from 19th August 2007 to allow someone enters to the country and let them work or refer them to work knowingly or recklessly without a valid visa and without permission to work.

To provide a successful sponsorship to a candidate, a sponsor must know the following important things:

• Eligibility:
Before sponsoring the individual to come to Australia and work for them there, all employers must first ensure that the non-citizens of Australia must positively have a valid working visa.

The employer must take consideration of the visa held by the individual to know about the working rights available to the individual with the visa. Being an Australian employer, one is not allowed to sponsor an individual to work in Australia having a visa that does not provide working rights.

• Fees:
The employer must bear all the costs related to sponsorship of the individual and the nomination fees too. The sponsor may also pay for the visa application for the individual being sponsored, however, it is at the option of the sponsor.

• Skills Occupation List:
The TSS 482 visa can only be sponsored to an individual having skills or occupation experience as listed in the Skills Occupation List. The changes and reviews are made in the Skills Occupation List in the regular time intervals. This ensures that the Australian industry is able to meet the 482 visa requirements from time to time and no positions remain vacant for a long time due to the unavailability of skilled workers.

• Labour Market Testing:
The sponsoring employers must present to the authority about the shortage of skilled labour in the country before being able to sponsor an individual to nominate for visa application. This can generally be done by generally advertising for a required skilled worker in Australia through publishing in public media etc. This must be done at least 4 months before nominating a person from outside the country. The recruitment process record must also be present with the sponsoring employer.

• Approved Business:
To be able to nominate an individual for overseas employment, the sponsor must have an approved Australian business. For the purpose of being an approved sponsor, three types of approval exist, they are:
◦ Standard
◦ Accredited, and
◦ Overseas

• Conditions of Employment:
There are certain conditions that the employer must ensure before nominating any individual for sponsorship in Australia work industry. Some of which include:
◦ The least annual earnings of the sponsored employee must be the same as that mentioned in the nomination application at the time that it was approved.
◦ The employer must not provide any extra favour to the sponsored employee than he would do to any Australian worker.

• Requirements of Work:
The employer must ensure that the employee is nominated for a skilled occupation and is also working for the same position as was nominated for in Australia. The sponsored employee must be a full-time employee in the organization which sponsors the individual. In case, the sponsoring employer is unable to provide full-time work to the employee, he or she cannot nominate the individual to come to Australia for work.

• Compensate for Unsuccessful Placements:
Whenever the employment does not work out in case of sponsored employment, the employer must bear all the costs for the employee such as the travel cost, and any other necessary and reasonable cost that is caused due to unsuccessful employment.

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So, finally, to summarise the main considerations of the employer for sponsoring an overseas individual we can say that, as the very first point, the nominated employee must have a valid working visa and must be nominated for a skilled occupation in Australia. He is necessarily required to bear full-time employees and work for the same profile as specified in the nomination application.

When you think you are able to cover all the above points and are not sure about the appropriate candidate to nominate, you must try to connect with an Immigration Agent Perth. Being the visa industry experts, we will surely be able to help you with your concerns regarding the nomination of an overseas employee and get the vacant position of your organization filled with an appropriately skilled individual. We will look for all the criteria to be fulfilled by the individual and get the best-skilled worker employed for you.