Top 5 Tips to Get Partner Visa Perth in Limited Time

Top 5 Tips to Get Partner Visa Perth in Limited Time

Australia doesn’t close doors on faces of spouses and partners of the immigrants. Candidates are able to take their spouses or would-be wives to Australia. There is a legal process for people to apply for the partner’s visas to have the necessary permission to stay with partners in Australia. Norms for permanent residence in any part of Australia are simple but candidates have to complete the whole form fill-up without making any error. The application stands canceled in the event of mentioning anything wrong to mislead Australian government. Get top 5 tips to avoid chaos in getting Partner Visa Perth fast.

Partner Visas Available for Visiting Australia

Partner Visa is designed by the Department of Home Affairs. Spouses are instructed to collect the particular partner visa application form for becoming permanent citizens in Australia. Spouses have to mention the specific causes of asking for the temporary or permanent partner visas in Australia.

Facts to Know to Apply for the Partner Visas

  • The first eligibility criterion is age limit. A candidate below 18 years is not allowed to apply online for having a partner visa. Minimum 18 or above is the parameter for an applicant.
  • The partner must be healthy and modest without a criminal background
  • The applicant who gets a temporary partner visa is only eligible for permanent citizenship as a spouse.

Partner Visa Subclass 820

Partner visa subclass 820 is applicable to the spouse who lives in Australia for some time. That means the application for subclass 820 doesn’t permit the candidate to claim the permanent citizenship. On the other hand, to have a permanent partner visa, the temporary partner visa is required.

Partner Provisional Visa Subclass 309

Partner Provisional Visa Subclass 309 is meant for the immigrant who actually lives in another country. The candidature is approved based on the information given by the applicant. It is a provisional stay with the partner in Australia. After the expiry of the provisional visa subclass 309, the spouse is directed to leave Australia.

Partner Migration Visa Subclass 100

Partner Migration Visa Subclass 100 gives the option to the partner to make the permanent stay in Australia. The spouse has no obligation to live and work in Australia. This visa is the proof of the permanent residence in Australia.

Prospective Marriage Visa Subclass 300

Prospective Marriage Visa subclass 300 is suitable to the sweetheart who is preparing to visit Australia for marriage. If the visa expires, the visit to Australia for marrying the prospective partner may be hampered. So the trick is that try to get the temporary visa to avoid the forceful return to the home country if the marriage is delayed.

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Have Support from Legal Experts/Consultants

Australian government restricts the movement of many immigrants who are connected with militancy outfits. New immigration law in Australia is getting complicated due to cross border tension and political insurgency. Therefore, definitely, candidates have to require immediate advice from the immigration agents or experienced legal consultants.  If there is any change in the subclass 300 or 100, the candidates need to be aware. The online information bureau and top immigration consultancy agencies in Australia respond fast with effective suggestions.

The Immigration Agent Perth are registered with licenses to provide the good service to the immigrants who need visas to stay in Australia.  These private agencies help immigrants to have different provisional or permanent partner visa Perth in Australia. Obviously, it is a quick backup to minimize the hassle of immigrants/spouses/partners to apply through these agencies to collect the legal partner visas in Perth. Information must match the requirements of the Australian government in the matter of the approval of the partner visa application.

Bank statements, health-related documents, health insurance package details, and occupations must be checked by the top brass of the Australian government. An expert summarizes the list of all official documents and necessary personal information to speed up the partner visa application for spouses to stay in Australia. Finally, the Australian government appreciates brave citizens who have the ability and courage to face a difficult situation. The spouses must be productive to help Australia to move ahead. It is the best trick to impress Aussies by highlighting good aspects of life and career. Candidates must be co-operative with officers to cross-verify the information in this regard.