485 Visa Australia Guide

485 Visa: An Essential Guide For International Students!

The Australian government offers international students the chance to study there. However, obtaining a student visa is a prerequisite. Your age, the kind of education you want to do, and the length of time you intend to spend in Australia will all determine what visa you require.

Regardless of your subject of study, as an overseas student, you will often need a Student visa (subclass 500). After completing their studies in Australia, international students can live, study, and work under a Temporary Graduate Visa 485. In other words, a Temporary Graduate visa is an extension of your study visa. 

What Is A Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485? (60 Words)

For overseas students who have finished two years of study in Australia, the Temporary Graduate Visa subclass 485 is a work visa. Depending on your circumstances, it may take 18 months to 4 years.

It is a way to prolong your stay in Australia to raise your chances of being granted a skilled temporary or permanent visa. The primary candidate must have had an eligible student visa within six months before filing for a Visa Subclass 485 and must be in Australia at the time of application.

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485 Graduate Work Stream

There are two streams for which you can apply for a 485 visa:

Post-Study Work Stream: 

You can continue in this stream for two to four years per your degree level. You can work anything during that time relating to your field of study. If you want to stay for two more years, you can apply for a second post-study work stream visa.

Graduate Work Stream: 

If you wish to work in a profession included in the list of skilled occupations, you can apply for this type of visa. Your degree, diploma, or trade certificate must be relevant to the career you wish to pursue to be eligible for this visa stream.

485 Visa Checklist

The 485 visa document checklist is what you must have ready before applying for a temporary graduate visa. 

For Every Applicant Listed In The 485 Australian Temporary Resident Visa

  1. Identity documents, such as birth certificates, passports, and marriage or divorce certificates, attest to a name change.
  2. Present documentation, such as marriage licenses, divorce decrees, death certificates, separation agreements, or official declarations, if you are or were married, widowed, divorced, or permanently separated.
  3. Present an overseas police certificate from any nation, including your own, where you have lived for 12 months or longer in the ten years since you became sixteen. You should also present any military service records or discharge documents from any nation in which you have been a member of the armed forces.
  4. Passport-sized photos.
  5. All candidates must submit proof of overseas student health insurance
  6. Health checks.
  7. Copies of birth certificates, the family book with both parents’ names on it, or adoption documents, if any, if the applicant is under eighteen (18).

Checklist For Primary Applicant On Visa 485

  1. All transcripts and certificates from school.
  2. Letters of employment recommendation (if any).
  3. The applicant has a passport from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, the Netherlands, or the Republic of Ireland, or they have recent results from an English language test. IELTS (all four components must have a minimum score of 5.0 overall), TOEFL iBT (all four components must have a minimum score of 4 for listening, 4 for reading, 14 for writing, and 14 for speaking), PTE (all four components must have a minimum score of 50 overall), OET (all four components must have a minimum score of B), or Cambridge C1 Advanced Test (all four components must have a minimum score of 154 overall). 
  4. any document proving professional registration or licensing.
  5. Your curriculum vitae, or résumé, details your job and school experiences, including dates and roles you’ve performed within the last ten years. 
  6. Proof of the application of the Australian Federal Police Clearance.
  7. Proof that the application for the skills assessment, if applicable, has been submitted.

Eligibility Criteria For A 485 Visa

For a 485 visa, you must fulfil the following requirements:

  • You are under fifty years old.
  • Your student visa is still valid.
  • Before filing for a 485 visa, you had a valid student visa for six months.
  • Among these degrees, you have to obtained one:
  1. Bachelor’s degree
  2. A bachelor’s with honours
  3. Master’s degree with coursework
  4. Extended Master’s degree
  5. Master’s degree with a research focus
  6. PhD
  • You attended an Australian university to study.
  • You did not own a 485 or 476 visa (for a graduate stream).
  • You fulfil the necessary competencies (for a graduate stream).
  • The skilled occupation list (for a graduate stream) includes your profession.

Australian Study Requirements For Visa 485

To fulfill the 485 visa requirements for studying in Australia, you must have either:

  • A single qualifying qualification that calls for a minimum of two academic years of study or multiple qualifying qualifications that add up to a minimum of two academic years of study to produce an acceptable qualification.
  • You must have studied in Australia for 16 months while possessing a visa that allowed you to do so.

The following are the primary 485 graduate visa requirements for fulfilling the two-year Australian Study 485 Requirement:

Registration For Cricos:

The completed courses must be on the authorised list of courses for students studying abroad (CRICOS). If your course or educational institution is deregistered before you finish your studies, there may be problems.

Two Academic Years: 

The CRICOS registration of the courses defines this as lasting at least 92 weeks.

Duration Of 16 Months: 

The course must be completed in Australia during at least 16 months of study time.

How Long Does It Take To Get A 485 Visa?

Visa 485 Graduate Work Stream Processing Time

  • For 25% of applications are unavailable
  • For 50% of applications are unavailable
  • For 75% of applications are unavailable
  • For 90% of applications, three months

485 Processing Time Australia For Post Study Work Stream 

  • 25% of applications are unavailable
  • 50% of applications are unavailable
  • 75% of submissions not available
  • 59 days for 90% of applications

485 Visa Fee

The cost of a Visa 485 is AUD 1,680. You must spend AUD 660 to apply for a second post-study work stream. Remember that there are extra visa fees for each additional applicant you bring with you.

Length Of Stay Temporary Graduate Visa (130 Words)

The course you took and the visa stream you apply for determine how long you can stay on a Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485):  

  • Those with a temporary graduate visa (Post-Study Work stream) can often remain in Australia for two to four years, depending on their education and experience.
  • Select degree holders are eligible for an extra two years after graduation.        
  • You can remain and work in Australia for 18 months with a Temporary Graduate visa (Graduate Work stream). It has been extended to 24 months in the interim.  
  • On their initial Temporary Graduate visa (Post-study Work and Graduate Workstreams), holders of Hong Kong or British National Overseas passports are permitted a five-year stay in Australia.   

Can I Stay Longer?

This visa doesn’t allow you to stay longer or to extend your stay. Furthermore, you are only eligible to apply for this visa once. You may, however, apply for a second post-study work stream visa if you have had one.

A second post-study work stream visa requires an initial application and payment of an application fee. It is good for an additional two years.

Visa Subclass 485 To Permanent Residency

The following are your possibilities for converting your 485 visa to permanent residency:

Tss 482 Visa: 

Working in a specified occupation or a related field for at least two years is one of the requirements for eligibility. The 485 visa is a favourable avenue to satisfy the prerequisite of two years of work experience.

Skilled Visas (Subclass 489, 190, And 189):

Gaining work experience during your 485 visa period might help you accumulate more points toward point-based visas such as the State Sponsored 190, Skilled Independent 189, and State Regional Provisional 489 visas. 

Employer-Sponsored Visa (Subclass 186): 

A company must be willing to sponsor you for the 186 visa, which is a permanent visa.  It will be necessary to have at least three years of work experience related to the specific occupation; taking the 485 will again assist in gaining this experience.

Rsms 187 Regionally Sponsored Visa: 

The 187 and 186 visas are comparable, with the primary distinction being that the employment must be in a regional area of Australia.


International students can seek an extension of their Australian student visa through a temporary graduate visa. After they graduate, it permits them to remain in Australia.

Australia has intricate immigration laws, and each case is different. You must obtain professional Visa Services before applying for any visa, including the subclass 485 temporary graduate visa. You will have the best chance of success if you are well-educated about the process, including all necessary steps, application fees, and processing timeframes for 485 visas. It will help you avoid any surprises when you submit your application.

An immigration agent in Perth can assess your qualifications and go through the procedures and requirements involved in applying for a subclass 485 visa.