485 Visa Processing Time

485 Visa Processing Time: A Comprehensive Guide

After graduating, international students frequently decide to remain in Australia. They must apply for a 485 visa to reside in Australia after graduation. An Australia 485 Temporary Visa is a short-term visa. It is for overseas students who have completed their degrees in Australia. They can reside, study, and work in Australia with a valid visa subclass 485. You have up to eighteen months to be in Australia.

Visa Subclass Processing Time

The temporary graduate visa subclass 485 processing time varies based on the individual situations. The specifics of the 485 visa processing time have been documented. You must, however, accurately complete your application. Due to the possibility of processing time delays if insufficient information is provided.

485 Visa processing time may differ depending on the specifics of each application, including:

  • If your application for a 485 visa is complete, it must contain all required corroborating paperwork.
  • How fast you respond when someone requests more information.
  • How long does it take for the necessary verifications on the submitted supporting data?
  • How long does it take for you to get information on your 485 visa application from outside sources? It is especially pertinent to the standards for well-being, moral, and national security.
  • Variation in the volume of applicationsTem
  • Alterations to the policies and directives of ministers

The following processing times applied to several of the recently concluded applications, which had been submitted for several months:

Processing Time For Visa 485 Graduate Work Stream

25% of those that apply:

50% of the applications

75% of those submitted:

79 days for 90% of applications

485 Australia Post Study Work Stream Visa Processing Time

25% of those that apply:

50% of the applications

75% of those submitted:

90% of applicants require 191 days

485 Visa Processing Time After Medical

It does not follow that your visa will be approved even if your medical exams are finished on time after submission of your 485 visa application.


Getting the temporary graduate visa subclass 485 is crucial because it permits international student and their family members to lawfully remain in Australia for an extended time for post-study objectives.  You must pay the necessary expenses to obtain the visa. You should budget about AUD 1,680 for this kind of visa. Additionally,  processing times differ depending on the stream. The Graduate Work Stream application procedure takes ten to twelve months to complete. The Post Study Work Stream requires nine to eleven months to process an application.

Thus, be careful to complete all the requirements for the 485 visa application. You can contact an immigration agent in Perth for comprehensive assistance to submit your 485 visa application.