Australian Parent Visa

Australian Parent Visa: Everything You Need To Know!

Have you moved to Australia and are hoping your parents will follow? Depending on their eligibility and circumstances, parents of citizens and permanent residents of Australia may be able to relocate there temporarily or permanently through the parent visa.

Parents of qualifying sponsors have several visa alternatives that could result in permanent residency. However, the Australia tourist visa for parents is an excellent, less expensive option for persons struggling financially or getting postponed by the long processing timeframes associated with permanent contributory or non-contributary parent visas. It permits parents migration to Australia to see their family members With the ability to get extended validity visas that allow stays of up to 12 months within 18 months.

Parents Visa Australia

You can apply for an Australian Parent visa if you are the parent of an Australian citizen or permanent resident. The parents of Australian PR holders or citizens are permitted to reside and settle permanently in Australia with the Australia Parent visa. You will be able to take advantage of certain privileges that are available to other native Australian parents with this visa.

Eligibility Criteria For An Australian Parent Visa

Applying for a parent visa may be possible if you fulfil the following requirements:

  • You are the parent of a child who is either an eligible citizen of New Zealand, an Australian permanent resident, or both.
  • Before your visa was issued, your child had been residing in Australia for the last two years.
  • You are sponsored, probably by your offspring.
  • You must fulfil the requirements for the Balance of Family exam.
  • You must fulfil the character and health standards.

Balance Of Family Test

Every parent must pass the balance of family test to be eligible for an Australia visa for parents visiting.

The family balance test necessitates that:

  • At least half of your kids are citizens of Australia, permanent residents of Australia, or eligible citizens of New Zealand who typically reside in Australia
  • More than any other country, you have more children living in Australia as Australian citizens, permanent residents, or eligible citizens of New Zealand.

Assurance Of Support

For every parent visa, an Assurance of Support must be filed. Although anyone may pay the bond on the applicant’s behalf, the sponsor is typically responsible for paying it. 

The bond amounts of this writing are $10,000 for the primary adult visa applicant and $4,000 for each additional adult applicant. The money is going to be in a term deposit for ten years. After ten years, everything used up will be returned to the insurer. The bond will only be reimbursed if the dependent applicant or parent applies for social security benefits.

Types Of Visas

Australia provides a variety of choices for Parent Visas, each tailored to a specific combination of circumstances, financial capacity, and timeframes.

Contributory Parents Visa

The Contributory Parent Visa category often has substantial charges and a quicker processing time as compared to other types. 

Subclasses Of Contributory Parent Visas

  • The Contributory Parent (Temporary) Visa (Subclass 173): 

It grants you a two-year stay in Australia. A permanent Contributory Parent Visa is something you can apply for later.

  • Contributory Parent (Permanent) Visa (Subclass 143): 

This 143 visa Australia allows the holder to live permanently in Australia and is often issued after obtaining a Subclass 173 visa.

  • Contributory Aged Parent Visa Australia (Subclass 884 and 864): 

These visas are intended for parents over the age of majority and provide both temporary and permanent possibilities.

Non-Contributory Parents Visa

The non-contributory parent visa is the second kind. Non-contributory Parent Visas can be a good fit if you’re not in a hurry to relocate and are searching for a more financially sensible solution. Generally, this visa is less expensive and takes longer to process than the Contributory Parent Visa.

Subclasses Of Parent Visas With No Contribution

  • Parent Visa (Subclass 103): You can live in Australia for an extended time with this permanent visa, but there is a long-anticipated period for this subclass.
  • The Aged Parent Visa (Subclass 804) permits older parents to reside permanently in Australia. Its lengthy waiting period is similar to the Parent Visa, though.

The Sponsored Parent Temporary (870 Visa Australia)

In addition to the conventional Contributory and Non-Contributory Parent Visa categories, Australia grants parents the sponsored Temporary Parent Visa Australia (subclass 870), enabling them to enter and remain in the country for a maximum of five years. It is designed especially for parents of Australian citizens, permanent residents, or qualifying citizens of New Zealand who want to live in Australia for a short term.

It has a function in that it permits a temporary stay of up to five years per visa issuance, with the possibility of an additional five-year renewal for a total of ten years. Instead of offering a road to permanent residency as the Contributory and Non-Contributory options do, the Sponsored Parent (Temporary) Visa is specifically intended for temporary presence. It doesn’t lead to permanent settlement or Australian citizenship. For those who find other Parent Visa categories less practical or appropriate for their situation, the Sponsored Parent (Temporary) visa 870 Australia might be a good option.

How To Apply For A Permanent Parent Visa Australia

Visitor visa Australia for parents allows them to visit there for a short while. However, some parents wish to live with their childrmigrationen permanently, for which they need a valid Australia visa for parents. You must follow the below-mentioned steps to obtain a parent visa:

Analyse Your Eligibility. 

You must be the parent of a child who is an eligible New Zealand citizen or an Australian citizen to apply for an Australian visa for parents of permanent residents. It is a balance of family test requirement that half of your children reside continuously in Australia.

Assemble The Required Documentation.

Your visa application will require you to submit several documents, such as police clearance certificates, proof of identity, and documentation of your relationship with your kid in Australia.

Apply Now: 

You can apply online or on paper using any method. If you lodge a visa application online, you must establish an ImmiAccount and make the required payment. Download the application form, fill it out, and mail it to the Department of Home Affairs with the necessary paperwork and money for the application fee if you’re applying on paper.

Await The Outcome: 

Following your application submission, the Department of Home Affairs will review it and issue a determination. It’s crucial to have patience as this process may take several months.

Participate In An Interview: 

As part of the visa evaluation procedure, you might have to go to an interview with a visa officer, depending on your situation.

Remit The Visa Processing Fee: 

Before your visa can be issued, you must pay the parents’ visa Australia cost.


Migration to Australia is a common choice for people worldwide. Still, many people worry a lot about being far from their parents. However, a tourist visa Australia for parents is available, but it is short-term. So, Several parent visas are available from the Australian government that let Australian citizens, permanent residents, or eligible citizens of New Zealand sponsor their parents to live in Australia. 

The application procedure might be complicated, so it’s crucial to hire an immigration agent in Perth for guidance to ensure you fulfil all the requirements and finish all the required processes. You can bring your parents to Australia and spend many years with them if you prepare in advance and have the patience and help you need.