Understanding The 186 Visa Processing Time In Australia: A Comprehensive Guide

Persons with appropriate credentials may move to Australia, set up a permanent residency, and find a job with the employer nomination scheme subclass 186. When they propose a skilled worker, an employer can use this employer-sponsored PR Australia visa to obtain an Australian resident permit. It enables a candidate to take advantage of all of Australia’s privileges, such as its robust economy, high-level job security, outstanding educational possibilities, and high standard of living. Furthermore, if the applicant’s family members qualify for an Australia subclass 186 visa to citizenship, they may also be brought over on this visa.

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Visa 186 Nomination Processing Time

The time it takes to process a visa under category 186 can be anywhere between several months and many years. It’s crucial to know that processing times might vary based on several variables, including the volume of applications being processed at the time, 186 visa conditions after granted, the quality of your application, the requirements for 186 visas, and the particulars of your case. Please visit the Department of Home Affairs website for the most up-to-date information on Subclass 186 Visa requirements, processing time, and information unique to your Visa Subclass 186.

The 186 visa processing time after medical and other visa conditions are as follows:

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186 Direct Entry Processing Time

  • Three months for 25% of applications
  • Eight months for 50% of applications
  • 75% of requests take 12 months
  • 90% applications in 13 months

The standard processing time for 186 direct entry visas with clients outside the Australian territory is 35 days.

Temporary Residence Transition Stream Of 186 Visa Processing Time

  • Four months for 25% of applications
  • Nine Months for 50% of applications
  • 75% of applicants take ten months
  • 90% of applications in 11 months

The average processing time for applications where the client is outside of Australia is 25 days.

186 Labour Agreement Stream Processing Time For Visas

  • 25% of submissions six months
  • 50% of applicants take Eight Months
  • 75% of applications 12 months
  • 90% of applicants 14 months

The processing time for applications where the client is outside of Australia is 35 days.

Processing Time For Subclass 186 Visa For Subsequent Entrant

The department has not provided any guidelines for processing time.

Processing Time For Subclass 186 Visas To Pr

You can apply for a Subclass 186 visa after three years of employment with the employer who nominated you. The processing time for category 186 visas is:

  • Three months for 25% of applications
  • Eight months for 50% of applications
  • 75% of submitted applications in 12 months
  • 90% of cases in 13 months

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Factors Affecting Variations Processing Times Of Visa 186 Permanent Residency

Each application is assessed separately. Processing times may vary depending on several variables, including:

  • Regardless of whether you filed your application and the necessary documentation, 
  • Use the ImmiAccount checklists to make sure you attach all required documents.
  • Whether you submit a paper application or not, applying online speeds up the application process.
  • How soon do you answer when someone asks you for further details?
  • Length of time required by the Department to complete the required inspections
  • How long it takes to obtain information from other organizations, particularly when it comes to moral, ethical, and health requirements
  • How many requests for long-term visas are possible under the immigration programme?
  • Various variables impact processing time, including 186 visa English requirements or other criteria, variations in the number of applicants, 186 visa cost, and changes to ministerial instructions.


For applicants from outside who have the necessary training and experience, the ENS 186 Visa is an alternative. You must satisfy the 186 visa conditions and eligibility criteria to obtain it. You must also have 186 visa conditions after granted.

The 186 Visa Processing Time 2023 Forum states that processing timeframes for each application vary depending on the information by the applicant and sponsor when You submit a 186 visa application to the Department of Home Affairs. In reality, many well-prepared applications are processed considerably more quickly than is typical. Contact a qualified Registered Immigration Agent in Perth to ensure your visa application is processed quickly and in the best possible manner.