What To Do If Australia Visitor Visa Rejected!

What To Do If Australia Visitor Visa Rejected!

A person will need a tourist visa to visit Australia for tourist purposes, meet family/friends/relatives, attend business conferences or meetings and stay there for some days or months. 

There is no barcode nor a QR code on the visiting visa. It includes only the traveler’s information and the terms and conditions attached to a visa application. Additionally, the applicant doesn’t need to attend an interview to apply for this visa, though in some cases, he may need to make a phone call. All an applicant must do is comply with the eligibility requirements and lodge a proper visa application for visitor visa 600.

Even if a person applies for an Australian visa, it doesn’t guarantee he’ll get one. Regardless of how meticulously he filled out the visa application, he could still overlook anything crucial or misunderstand. The refusal can even be an error in some circumstances.

Reasons For Rejection Of The Visitor Visa 

Missing papers or errors on the reviewer’s part are the cause of the rejection of the Australian visitor visa application. Usually, the immigration officers who reject the application will send the applicant a letter outlining the reasons for their decision.

The following factors could lead to the denial of your visa application:

  • Fails To Comply With Character And Health Requirements

If an applicant has a criminal history or is under suspicion of involvement in organized crime, he may not be able to obtain an Australian visa. There is also a potential for rejection if the applicant’s health does not meet the requirements of immigration legislation.

  • Incomplete Visa Application

If the visa application form submitted by the applicant is insufficient or he doesn’t provide complete information in the application form.

  • False Information

When filling out the application, the applicant must be truthful and precise with his information. If it turns out that he provided false information, there will be a rejection of his visa application.

  • Fails To Provide Additional Information Asked By The Department

If an applicant does not provide additional information or documents called by the Immigration authority or the department of home affairs, the DHA will reject the application.

  • Invalid Passport And Other Documents

The validity of the applicant’s passport or after returning from Australia must be at least six months, and It needs to be issued no more than ten years ago. The applicant must attach all the documents with the latest update. Also, if any documents are missing from the visa application, there is a possibility of rejection.

  • Fails To Prove Financial Stability

If the applicant can not provide evidence of his financial strength to support his stay in Australia, then the DHA can reject his visa application.

If everything is fine, the department will allot the visitor visa. However, when an applicant wants to stay for more than the validity of the visitor visa, he must apply for a visitor visa extension.


What To Do On The Rejection Of The Visa

As soon as visiting visa applicants apply for a visitor visa, they are undetermined whether the department of home affairs will issue them a standard visitor visa.  

If the department denies the applicant’s request for a visa, the applicant may file an online appeal request with the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT). He would have to request within 28 days of learning about the rejection of the visa application.

The applicant must remember that he has to pay an appeal fee before the 28-day window, which might cost him A$1,826 in advance.

The applicant may be qualified for a charge reduction of up to 50% if he can not pay the fee. If the AAT rejects the appeal, they will reimburse the applicant for his money. If the decision is in his favour, he will receive a 50% refund of the price, whether it is paid in part or full. The administration will provide the applicant with a document and the necessary bank information to get the refund.


A visitor visa is a visa for persons who visit Australia for not more than 12 months to explore it, meet their family/friends, or attend a business meeting. An applicant can apply for a special tourist visa to visit Australia on a cruise to meet family/friends. 

However, approval of the application for a visa subclass 600 depends on information or documents provided by the applicant. If the department does not satisfy that the application is complete and the information provided is correct, it will reject the application. 

However, the applicant, with the help of the best immigration agent in Perth, can file an appeal with the Administrative Appeals Tribunal within days of receiving the notification of visa rejection. The immigration agent will guide the applicant with all his expertise to apply for a visitor visa 600 so that there are minimum chances of rejection of the visa application.