Apply for Australian Citizenship

How to Apply for Australian Citizenship 2024!

Australia is a pleasant nation with stunning scenery and a comfortable year-round climate. The nation’s economy is balanced and provides many employment options for workers with relevant experience. 

However, the nation has been dealing with a persistent lack of domestic skilled labour during the past few years. The Australian government unveiled the Permanent Migration Program, an immigration program, in response to the growing need for skilled labour. 

You would have already appreciated living in a free and democratic society as a permanent resident of Australia. You are committed to Australia’s principles and participating in its democracy when you become an Australian citizen.

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Advantages of Citizenship in Australia

You get several benefits as an Australian citizen, some of which are as follows:

  • Voting in a referendum as well as federal, state, or territory elections
  • Applying to join the Australian Defense Force or the Public Service
  • Aiming to be elected to the parliament
  • Submitting a passport application for Australia Citizenship
  • Getting assistance while travelling from an Australian embassy or consulate
  • Registering foreign-born children descended from Australian citizens

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Requirements for Eligibility for Australian Citizenship

You must fulfil specific qualifications to get Australian citizenship. These may include the following:

  • Being a permanent resident of Australia
  • Residing in Australia for four years, with fewer than a 12-month absence
  • Having a permanent visa and having spent the last 12 months in Australia, with fewer than 90 days away
  • Possessing moral integrity
  • Being sufficiently aware of your rights and obligations as an Australian citizen
  • Intending to live in Australia or have strong ties to Australia

The general requirements of the citizenship application processes may also differ depending on several discretions and unique circumstances. It could consist of:

  • Being an Australian native and growing up there for the first ten years of your life
  • Being an Australian citizen’s spouse or partner while living abroad
  • Possessing particular talents or visas that are valuable to Australia
  • Working in a specialised role that takes you outside of Australia

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Documents Required to Apply for Australian Citizenship

You must provide various necessary documents to apply for citizenship in any nation. Because of this, you must gather the required paperwork before applying for the Australian citizenship program. Among the crucial documents are:

  • Identification certificates
  • Travelling documents
  • Commonwealth child migration scheme
  • Photographs
  • Australian national police checks
  • Proof of eligibility
  • Identity declaration form

The Process of Acquiring Australian Citizenship

Applying online is one option; visiting the closest department office is another. Don’t forget to attach your application form to the necessary documentation; do not send in your originals. since the appointment room will want original documentation. The following are the basic steps to apply for Australian citizenship:

  1. To become an Australian citizen, you must submit an application to DOHA that is filled out, along with the necessary paperwork and the cost of an Australian citizenship application. Before your application may be accepted, you will usually need to pass a test and show up for an interview.
  2. Your understanding of Australian society and history, with the rights and obligations of citizenship, will be evaluated throughout the citizenship exam.
  3. Once your application has been accepted, you can participate in a formal citizenship ceremony and swear the Australian Citizenship Pledge, marking the official beginning of your Australian citizenship.

You must attend the Australian citizenship pledge if everything goes according to plan. The approval of an application takes six months.


Once your visa application and approval are granted, you can live permanently in Australia. You can live in the nation unrestrictedly for the duration of your visa. You can also find work in the nation in a similar manner. If you meet the requirements, you can apply to become a citizen.

Obtaining Australian citizenship is not difficult as long as you follow all rules and laws. Before applying, you can review all the material on the immigration department’s official portals.

You can contact an immigration consultant in Perth to help you with the application procedures and other Australian rules.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is The Duration Required to Obtain Australian Citizenship Following Permanent Residence?

After a predetermined amount of time, an Australian permanent resident will be eligible to apply for citizenship. After this time, candidates must finish specific requirements and take citizenship exams. On average, this process could take three to twelve months. After submitting your application, you should anticipate having it processed in ten to fourteen months.

Q. What is The Most Effective Method for Obtaining Australian Citizenship?

If you meet the requirements for birth or conferral but not the other prerequisites, you can become an Australian citizen by grant. If you are a permanent resident of Australia and meet the age requirements, you can apply. You must have been a permanent resident for twelve months and a visitor for four years. You must have resided there for at least nine of the previous twelve months before the application date. You should exhibit moral rectitude and a sufficient understanding of your rights, obligations, and privileges as an Australian citizen.

Q. Can Someone Purchase Citizenship in Australia?

No, citizenship in Australia can’t be purchased. Nonetheless, investing can grant you Australian citizenship. The temporary subclass 188 and permanent subclass 888 visa choices have different slabs and criteria for investors to get citizenship. The nation provides facilities for investors to become citizens after they complete the other requirements and invest a certain sum (if appropriate).