How To Renew A Student Visa Australia!

How To Renew A Student Visa Australia!

Australia is one of the top nations when it comes to pursuing higher education. If a person is an overseas student studying in Australia, he must hold a student visa 500. It allows the students to stay in Australia for five years or shorter periods till the completion of their academic course.

There are some cases where the term of a student visa has expired, but the course is about to continue for some more time, and the students must apply for a student visa extension or renewal of the old student visa into a new one. The applicant can apply for a new one when It is not possible to extend a student visa if the current one is about to expire before finishing the degree.

But if a student from overseas wishes to continue studying or working in Australia after completing his academic programme, he must first apply for a 485 temporary graduate visa. A student visa extension is for individuals who want to remain in Australia throughout their academic session, while a visa 485 is for those who have earned their degree.

Reasons For Renewal Of Student Visa

 Existing international students studying at any Australian university or institution may need to seek a student visa extension for several reasons. The causes can differ from student to student, depending on the circumstance. The following is a list of factors that could necessitate overseas students extending their visas:

  • The student’s existing visa is due to expire, so they need valid paperwork to continue living in Australia.
  • If the student changes their course of study, they might need a new CoE and will need to apply for a new visa or ask for an extension since the term will change depending on the Australian University.
  • Students can seek an extension or renewal of their student visa if the course duration is extended due to specific circumstances but before the visa period has ended.
  • When there is an extension in the graduate’s research period, the student can request a visa extension.
  • A student may apply for a student visa extension if he hasn’t yet finished preparing for their final exam or presentation and their visa has run out before the conclusion of grading.
  • When the department has cancelled the first visa, the students can apply for another student visa.

There may be a situation where a student first applies for a short-term study visa, but after some time, he realised that the course would continue for a long time then he must request a renewal of the student visa.

Application For A Renewal Of Student Visa

An international student must apply for a new student visa or renewal/extension of the old student visa 500 by following the below-mentioned steps. These steps are as follows-

  1. Obtaining a Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) or a letter of offer from the education provider should be the applicant’s first step.
  2. The applicant must extend their OHSC to fit it within the time frame for applying for a visa.
  3. Assemble the remaining paperwork and submit the visa application.
  4. It’s time to get the visa application ready after resolving the above issues. The applicants must organise the following reports –
  • National ID card and passport, 
  • Documents for a student dependent visa (If an applicant is going to include his dependent in the student visa),
  • English language test results, and
  • Proof that he has the resources necessary for his stay)
  • To meet the GTE requirement, submit a personal statement
  1. Fill out a form, apply for a student visa extension/renewal in Australia, and keep an eye out for updates. Steer clear of these errors to avoid Australian student visa denial.

The applicant must take the Immigration agent’s free consultation services to avoid mistakes. He must also regularly check his emails to ignore missing out on the submission. 

Winding Up

An international student must hold a student visa 500 after complying with the eligibility requirements to stay and study in Australia. It allows him to stay in Australia for five years from the visa grant date. It provides working and travelling rights to its holders. The student can also accompany his family or dependents on this visa with a student-dependent visa.

The student from overseas can apply for a student visa renewal in case the term of his student visa has expired before the completion of his academic course. However, when his course has been completed, and he still wants to stay in Australia, he can go for a 485 temporary graduate visa.

There is the best immigration agent in Perth who can guide the applicant about the requirement and procedures for student visa 485 extension. The applicant can consult all his queries and doubts relating to a student visa renewal in Australia with the immigration agent.