Processing time of TSS 482 Visa and Its Requirements

Processing Time Of TSS 482 Visa And Its Requirements

Do you have the zeal to work especially in a country like Australia? If yes, then apply for Visa Subclass 482 or the Temporary Skill shortage visa right now. This visa allows you to work in Australia for 4 years under a nominated employer. Of late, the TSS 482 visa has superseded the visa 457 in March 2018. Presently, the visa is the most sought-after amongst Australian employers to recruit overseas workers effortlessly.

Why choose the TSS 482 Visa?

Ever since it was introduced, the TSS 482 visa has been quite beneficial for Australian employers. It helps them to fill the vacant positions for some specific occupations pertaining to the Australian labour market. To be eligible for the visa subclass 482 you must be nominated for an occupation comprising the following two lists.
• (MLTSSL) and Medium and Long Term Strategic Skills List
• (STSOL) or Short-Term Skilled Occupations Lis

So, before you apply for the said visa, ensure that your occupation pertains to any of the lists stated above.

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How to apply for the TSS 482 Visa?

So, after reading about the introduction, you would like to apply for the Visa Subclass 482, don’t you? Then, your first step would be to choose an occupation included in either of the Skilled Occupations Lists given above. You should have at least 2 years’ experience in your chosen occupation or a similar sector. Your next step would be to find a compatible job concerning your chosen field. Your employer can be an approved sponsor previously. If not, then he/she needs to apply to become one.

Who can be an eligible employer?

Well, the fact is not any and every employer is eligible to recruit skilled workers from outside Australia. An employer will only be considered an eligible sponsor after he/she has met the requirements given below.
• The employer should pay a salary to the employee in accordance with the annual market rate.
• The employer needs to organize a labour market testing without failure. This will prove that no Australian residents can fill the required position right now.
• The employer needs to have a position which is genuinely vacant
• The employer needs to be an Approved Standard Business Sponsor
• The Labour Market Testing should at least for a period of four weeks and not less and
• The Labour Market Testing shouldn’t cross a time period of 4 months before the nomination’s submission.

So, do ascertain all the criteria in your nominated employer stated above before applying for your 482 visa.

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Adherence with Eligibility Criteria

So, after you have been nominated for a particular job by an eligible employer, apply for your 482 visa. Before you start applying, make sure you have met all the eligibility criteria effectively. These eligibility requirements are given below for you to consider.
• You should be completely agreed to sign the Australian values statement.
• Make sure that you don’t violate any Australian laws while paying for your visa sponsorship.
• There should be no record that you faced the cancellation or refusal of an Australian visa before.
• You should have adhered to all the criteria of your previous Australian visa
• You should also pass in a relevant skills assessment if required for you chosen occupation.
• Most importantly, you should have a reasonable understanding in the English language.

The TSS 482 visa also allows you to bring your family members along with you. While applying ensure that neither you nor your family members are indebted to the Australian government in any way.

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Gather the important documents

So, you have met all the eligibility 482 visa requirements stated above. Your next step would be to collect all the essential documents without missing out on a single one. These include the following:

1. Each of the secondary applicants who are applying with you also needs to produce some essential credentials. These include their valid birth certificates, character documents, and passport details.
2. All the necessary documents related to your spouse/de facto partner. These include their character and identity documents, substantial proof of the de facto relationship, or marriage.
3. Essential character documents which prove that you are a person of a good moral character. These chiefly include a police certificate from any country where you had stayed for the past 12 months. Other documents include either form no. 1221 or 80. You will get a notification about this in advance from the Australian immigration department only if it’s required.
4. Convincing documents that prove that you will possess a valid health insurance cover during your entire Australian visit.
5. Credentials that substantiate your identity as authentic. These include details related to your change of name (if any) and details of your passport and
6. Documents which prove that you have a fairly good knowledge of the English language.

So, before you apply for your TSS 482 Visa, make sure that you submitted all the documents given. These documents should be submitted in English. If not then their certified translated copies should be provided along with.

A glance at the 482 visa conditions

There are certain 482 visa conditions which both you and your family members need to abide by. These require you to do a number of things. First of all, you and your family members should hold a valid health cover during your entire stay in Australia. Then, you should work only under your nominated employer unless you get an exemption.

What else?

You and your family members shouldn’t commit any deed that poses a threat to the Australian community. You should also work only for the occupation for which you were chosen. So, to make the best use of your 482 visa, you should invariably adhere to these conditions.

The Processing Time

If all the documents are submitted and requirements are met on time, then your visa will get processed smoothly. The short term stream takes 36 and 61 days to process 75% and 90% of visa applications respectively. The medium-term stream offers a bit of swifter processing. This implies that 75% and 90% of visa applications are processed in 33 and 49 days respectively.

Apply Today!

So, apply for the TSS 482 visa today with the help of a qualified Immigration agent Perth right now. An Immigration Agent Perth is knowledgeable enough to get you a smooth and unimpeded visa application.