Things To Consider Before Working In Australia As An International Student!

Australia is an expensive country to study in. Working part-time in Australia gives a lot of overseas students a chance to contribute to the community, make new friends, and earn extra money to pay costs. You may learn about the local way of life or obtain priceless experiences. 

International students studying in Australia can work part-time, which is fortunate for those already there. 

Check your visa status beforehand, though, to make sure you are permitted to do so. If so, carefully read and adhere to the regulations. This includes upholding your academic obligations, such as attending all classes and passing all exams. The best migration Agent in Perth summarises the prerequisites, alternatives, and employment privileges for an international student with valid visas. 

Tips For Obtaining Job Opportunities For Students In Australia

Finding student employment in Australia can be challenging. However, the procedure can be simplified by following a few simple steps. The tips are as follows:

  • Before looking for a job, always review your student visa subclass 500 conditions and ensure you understand what they mean. 
  • Learn about the employment laws in Australia and how they affect you.
  • Get a Tax File Number by registering. 
  • For job information on and off campus, speak with your university’s careers, international, counselling, or employability office. 
  • The most recent job opportunities and vacancies are on regional and national employment boards.

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Aspects To Consider For Working While Studying In Australia

There are some factors to consider when you continue to work with employment prospects. These are:

1. Tax File Number

To work in Australia, you must hold a Tax File Number. The Australian government uses your tax file number to track your job status and determine how much tax you must pay annually. You will need it To accept employment, make sure you’re paying the right amount of tax, and file a tax return at the end of the fiscal year. One TFN will always be given to you. You don’t need to reapply if your circumstances change or if you misplace your application materials.

2. Work Experience, Internships, And Volunteerism

You can search for and apply for internships, volunteer opportunities, and jobs while studying in Australia. If you select volunteer or unpaid work, it does not count towards your 48 hours if it is for a non-profit organisation, is for the community, or would not be provided as a paid position to an Australian citizen; in other words, if the role is the same for both citizens of Australia and foreign nationals. 

As they possess additional credentials, postgraduate students are more likely to take on junior or training positions that are directly relevant to their subject. Additionally, it is typical for postgraduate students to do paid research positions, internships, assistantships, traineeships, and work experience through their academic institutions.

3. Student Minimum Wage 

Australia’s minimum wage is renowned for being high. Every year, the Australian Fair Work Commission evaluates the national minimum wage. The hourly minimum wage in Australia is 21.38 Australian dollars. Additional skill-related jobs may pay up to A$50 to A$80 per hour extra.

As an employee, it’s critical to understand your rights and perks. Students with limited knowledge or language proficiency risk being exploited and receiving inadequate pay. 

It evolved intending to offer free guidance and knowledge regarding national workplace relations systems in Australia. International students can get advice or assistance from FWO, established by the Australian government when working part-time in Australia.

4. Opportunities For International Students After Graduation

After receiving your degree, if you want to work in Australia, you must obtain a new work visa before your current student visa expires. The post-study work visa Australia subclass 485 permits students to stay in Australia for two to four years. The 485 temporary graduate visa enables educated and experienced graduates to fill job openings in Australia.

5. Challenges To Being Fired From A Job Unfairly

International students working in Australia also have specific workplace rights governed by national regulations. A person can file a claim for lost wages or to reclaim her employment after providing strong proof if she loses her job due to unfair reasons, such as exercising fundamental rights or experiencing discrimination.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Student Visa 500 Working Hours Allowed For An International Student?

What you can do and how many hours you can work are subject to certain limitations and guidelines. Upon approval, a student visa (Subclass 500) is issued to you so that you can attend an Australian university. Following the Australia study visa requirement, you may:

  • Work for at least 48 hours every two weeks. 
  • Countless hours during the semester break

The restriction on working hours for students in Australia is meant to safeguard you and ensure that most of your time is spent working towards your degree. Most importantly, your effort should maintain your academic standing. While working, you must nevertheless:

  • Maintain your enrollment in the course 
  • Keep up proper and consistent course attendance.
  • Make the required educational advancement. 

Remember that you can only begin working following your studies program’s official start date. To continue being permitted to work part-time, you must also uphold a high academic performance. 


What Kind Of Work Are You Capable Of?

You have the choice of working in a range of fields and positions as an international student. You might find part-time jobs in various industries, such as Administration of Agriculture, Retail, Tourism, Tutoring, and Sales. 

It’s also possible that you’ll find employment at your school, perhaps as a student ambassador or in the international office. You could also engage in the following tasks on campus:

  • A technician or assistant in IT 
  • Assistant Librarian 
  • assistant in administration 
  • advisor to residents or warden 
  • Campus directory 
  • university hospitality
  • Bookstore employee Research Assistant 

Contact the careers, employability, or counselling service to learn more about the available opportunities. Most universities employ staff members and specialised platforms to aid you in your search. 


Due to the high cost of studying overseas, many students can work part-time. It’s an opportunity to earn additional cash and pay for your study abroad trip. International students must be informed of the permitted and prohibited activities because working regulations for student visas might be rigorous. International students studying with a student visa in Australia are allowed to work there.  

There aren’t many limitations on the kinds of jobs that students with student visas can get. Full-time work, however, is not permitted because you will work more hours than authorized. Ensure you know the time you can devote to the job when choosing your part-time employment.

Take the assistance of the best Migration Agent in Perth to understand working while studying guidelines. Most international students choose to work a part-time job because it can aid in their financial situation.