Australian Subclass 500 Student Visa For Study in Australia

All You Need To Know About Visa Subclass 500 For Study in Australia

Traveling to another country is not an easy thing to do even though you have a purpose to do in the new country. It is important to follow various procedures in order to enter into the new country. The complexity of the procedures depends upon the purpose of your visit to that particular country. In order to visit any country, there is a need to get a visa from a foreign nation. Usually, business people will easily manage to get a visa without any hardships. But when a newbie is trying to get a visa for a foreign country in terms of education it is not going to be done with ease.

Educational visa in Australia is not so complex compared to many other nations. Of course, Australia is a decent country to study in and you will enjoy the education there. But it is important to learn about the legal procedures involved in getting a Student visa subclass 500 for Australia. Recently there has been a change in the study visa program by the government and now you could use the student visa subclass 500 option. In order to make the student visa straight forward, the Australian government has changed to this new system from July 1, 2016. So there is nothing wrong in trying out Immigration Services Perth because it will be more authentic as professional help is very much needed in the process.

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What Is The Process Involved In Student Visa Subclass 500?

The Student visa subclass 500 application is assessed by the department of home affairs (DoHA). They take various factors into account while processing the application and three major things among them were

  • The profile of the education provider within the Australian country
  • The course of study of the applicant and its nature in terms of the time frame to complete the course and other internal matters
  • The country of the applicant itself

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How To Apply For Visa Subclass 500?

In order to get an Australian Student Visa Subclass 500, you need to start the process by completing the online form through ImmiAccount from DoHA. It is compulsory to pay the application fee and it will be around 555.95 dollars. The student needs to provide evidence of enrolment in a particular college for a course. If he is residing within Australia then submitting the offer letter from the college will be sufficient.

In addition, the student needs to provide proof of care if he is under the age of 18. Accommodation and other support details must be provided to the authorities in order to ensure that no further or future problem occurs during the course of study in Australia. In order to succeed in the assessment, you may need to know certain points. But before that, it is important to view the student visa 500 checklist before starting the process as it may be helpful in various aspects.

Points to Remember 

Applying for a full-time course is very important because only when your enrolment is strong the application will be processed. It is important to maintain your bank accounts with adequate funds so that it is helpful to ensure the authorities that you are financially sound to study in Australia. It is important to stay fit without any health problems to get the educational visa successfully.


Student Visa Subclass 500 conditions

  • You should not work more than twenty hours a week.
  • The student should be enrolled in a full-time course irrespective of the domain of the course.
  • It is compulsory to maintain overseas health cover in Australia.
  • It is important to ensure that you are capable of taking care of the financial needs by having adequate financial resources during the course of study.