The Most Essential Guide For Work Visa Australia To Save Your Time

The jobs are pathways to immigration in Australia and all such jobs are part of the skilled migration programs and make you eligible for a work visa in Australia. Many countries welcome immigrants with certain skills to live and work in the form of ex-pats.

The Australian government offer different visas and residency to fill different demands in their country. In this guide for work visa Australia, you will know about the different work visas in Australia and also what work visa Australia requirements you need to fulfil.

What is a Skilled Visa in Australia?

Skilled visas in Australia, such as skilled independent visas, skilled nominated visas, temporary graduate visas and others can help young, skilled and experienced workers to live and work in Australia.

These skilled migrant visas are not the same compared to other visas that are granted based on employee ownership. Under the skilled migration program in Australia, many international workers get a chance to work and stay in Australia.

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Categories of Skilled Visa Australia

A working visa in Perth mainly aims to attract employable individuals to migrate to Australia. It is one of the most common forms of migration to Australia, and there are different types of skilled visas in Australia; which are:

  • Skilled independent visa (189)

This is a permanent work visa in Australia and does not need sponsorship by a relative, state or territory government of Australia.

  • Skilled nominated visa (190)

The 190 visa needs you to be nominated by an Australian state or territory government. The visa 190 is a permanent work visa.

  • Skilled work regional visa (491)

491 visa is a five-year provisional visa that needs you to live, work and study in a regional area in Australia. Unlike a temporary work visa in Australia, you need to be nominated by an Australian state or a territory government.

  • Graduate temporary visa (485)

This visa can be applied by international students who completed qualifications of two years of study in Australia. The 485 visa is a temporary work visa.

  • Recognised Graduate visa (476)

This is one of many types of work visas in Australia, and under this visa, you can work for 18 months and are for those who recently graduated in engineering. As an international student, you can apply for this visa as an engineering graduate.

Skilled Recognized Graduate Visa

The skilled recognised graduate visa is an 18-month visa that works for recent engineering graduates. This visa is a good way to work in Australia to enhance your chances of becoming eligible for a permanent visa in the future.

Skilled Independent visa

The 189 subclass visa is a permanent general skilled migration visa that does not need sponsorship by a state/ territory government or a relative in Australia.

Skilled Sponsored visa

The skilled 189 visa is a permanent general skilled migration visa that needs you to be nominated by either a state or a territory government.

Distinguished Talent Visa

It is another form of permanent visa in Australia for individuals who have a renowned record of great achievement in an eligible field. Under this permanent visa, you can work and study in Australia and can also apply for Australian citizenship in the future.

Eligibility for Work Visa Australia

As per the Point system in Australia, you need to possess the following requirements to gain more points. Some of the Australian work visa requirements are:

  • Age requirements – The candidates who are between 25 and 32 years of age can score the most points. Those above 45 years of age do not gain any points.
  • IELTS score for an Australian work visa – Candidates who have scored in IELTS tests with at least eight bands will receive 20 points.
  • Australian study permit – If you meet the Australian study requirements and have eligibility for work in Australia, you will receive five points.
  • Regional study – If you live and study in regional Australia, you will receive five points.
  • Professional year – You will receive five points if you complete a professional year in the country.
  • Community language skills – if you have the skills of an interpreter or translator, you can receive five points.

Documents Required for Work Visa Australia

The documents that you need while applying for an Australian visa can vary from visa to visa. But as per the Australia work visa requirements, the basic documents that you need to submit along with the visa applications are:

  • A passport that is valid for six months
  • Recent passport-size photographs
  • A job offer letter
  • Travel and health insurance
  • Proof of educational qualification
  • Proof of English language proficiency
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Form 80 for your personal character assessment

Along with knowing how to apply for a working visa in Australia, you also need to attach these documents with the application.

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Application Process of Work Visa Australia

The steps to apply for an Australian work visa are as follows:

Obtain the job offer

People who want to apply for a work visa need to be offered a job within Australia’s private or government sector. They need to identify the work visa that they are eligible for based on the skills and requirements for the job. They also need to check for the visa streams that they are applying to and need an invitation to apply for the visa. Choosing the perfect work visa is an important step in this process.

Submit an ‘Expression of Interest

If you are going to apply for a work visa and have decided upon the visa, you need to be invited for the job. After you are invited for the job, you need to submit an EOI or expression of interest that will state that you are interested in working in the country.

Acquire the nomination approval

After you have successfully submitted the EOI, you need to wait for your nominee, employer or sponsor to complete the nomination or sponsorship form. They also need to get it approved before you apply for the visa.

Pass the ‘Points Test’

If you are a candidate invited to apply for this visa, you need to pass the points test that is calculated based on English language skills, age, skilled Australian employment, educational qualifications and many more.

Apply for the visa

Finally, you can fill out the visa application online for a specific visa category. You need to provide all the necessary documents and fulfil all the Australia work visa requirements.

You can apply for the visa along with the application fees and wait for your visa to get approved.

Other than knowing how to apply for skilled migration to Australia, you also need to know the processing times for work visas in Australia. The Australia work visa processing time is as follows:

  • 189 visa (points tested) – About 75% of the applications are processed in 24 months, while 90% are done in 35 months.
  • 189 visa (New Zealand stream) – Around 75% of the applications are processed in 18 months, and 90% of them are completed in 24 months.
  • 190 visa – 75% of applications are processed in nine months, whereas 90% of them are done in 19 months.
  • 476 visa – It takes 35 months for all the applications to process.
  • 485 visa – It takes 11 months for 75% of the applications to process and 17 months for 90% of them to get processed.

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