Permanent Residency

7 Benefits Of Being A Permanent Resident Of Australia

Australia, the Land of Kangaroos, is a huge continent full of rich biodiversity, unique culture and natural wilderness. The great Australian outback is considered the stuff of Legends. It has an expanding desert and grasslands that stretch to the horizon. The Great Barrier Reef, which is regarded as the world’s biggest coral reef system, runs along the country’s eastern coast.  

Sydney harbour is recognised globally for the famed Opera house and the fireworks display in the New Year. As a country with various natural resources, Australia is a welcome destination where travellers can find anything. Regarding its sheer size, Australia is the sixth-largest country in the world in terms of area size. There are about eight states and territories in Australia, each of them has a unique charm. The travellers that arrive by air from abroad probably land in Sydney, the largest city of Australia and capital of New South Wales. 

It is possible to explore northwards along the coast and head south to Tasmania and Melbourne. The tropical Indian Ocean is in the north near Darwin, and Perth is in the western part of Australia.  


The Perks And Advantages Of Becoming A Permanent Resident Of Australia Are Numerous:

Australia is a member of theG20 United Nations, ANZUS, Commonwealth of Nations, Organisation for Economic co-activity and Development (OECD), Asia-pacific Economic Cooperation, World Trade Organization and the pacific islands forum.

Australia is a country that is guaranteed to many potential migrants that offer great satisfaction with some deep-rooted advantages. One can have many rights and advantages once they increase their changeless living arrangement in Australia.

There are several rights and benefits a person and their family can enjoy upon gaining permanent residency in the beautiful land of Australia.

The Inalienable Right To Reside In Australia.

A permanent visa qualifies a person to move throughout the country all they want until the visa expires, which is within five years. Regardless of whether the visa has lapsed, one can stay in the country but not go out. Despite all this, one needs to travel, and a Resident Return Visa is needed for that.

Sponsor Family Members

After two years of immigrating to Australia, one can get the ability to sponsor family members to acquire permanent residency in Australia. However, one must remember that it is contingent on whether one meets the Australian government’s prerequisite conditions.

Perhaps the best thing about being a permanent resident in Australia is that if a person has children in the country, they will naturally become Australians by birth. They will also receive many benefits from the government. Family members can be sponsored for permanent resident acquisitions, but they need to fulfil residency and support insurance preconditions.

Enrol In Medicare

Healthcare needs to be a top priority when settling down in a new country. The Australian healthcare system is regarded as one of the best globally, with world-class facilities and skilled healthcare professionals. Australia was one of the rare countries that contained the dangerous COVID-19 virus. The citizens enjoyed a normal life compared to other countries in the world.

Generally, hospital bills and treatments in Australia can be a bit expensive. Still, as a permanent resident of the country, one is entitled to free healthcare services with the aid of medicare. Citizens can enjoy the right to healthcare, especially medicare that grants free medical treatment at affordable prices in government hospitals and medicines.

Grant For First-Time Home Buyers

In various cities, only permanent residents can purchase second-hand residential property. The plan has been executed to safeguard the economy from the influx of foreign funds that comes and buys neighbourhoods and drives local people to suburbs.

Student Loans For Higher Education

If a person is a permanent resident of Australia, they will be considered a domestic student. As per the “Higher Education Support Act 2003”, Australian citizens and permanent visa holders can receive financial help for their studies by the government. It is done through an Education Loans program called ‘HELP’.

This is usually beneficial if one ever faces a financial problem while applying for higher studies as a permanent resident student in Australia. As international student fees are higher than domestic fees, a PR visa helps save money. Through the program named “HELP”, it is easier for students to apply for study loans and pay the amount back after graduating and receiving a job.

Pathway To Citizenship

If a person has acquired permanent residence after the 1st of July 2007, they could be qualified to apply for citizenship. They could also apply for citizenship if they have lived lawfully in Australia for four years and 12 months as a permanent resident.

Children In Australia

The daycare and childcare sectors of Australia are very competitive. Due to this, the regular childcare price could be high depending upon preferred providers and location. Centrelink looks after child care grants and can include child care rebate assets with costs.

Getting a permanent residence in Australia can help students be a part of the childcare sector. They need to complete certificate programs to be eligible for getting a job in the sector. Since there are various vacancies in the childcare sector, it will be easier to get a job for PR students.


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