Student Visa 500

Australia’s Four Most Popular Student Visas

Currently, Australia ranks 3rd in the list of the world’s most popular study destinations, and this fact is reflected in the large volume of student visa applications submitted each year. However, if you want to fulfill your dreams of studying in Australia, the first thing you will need is a Student Visa Australia. You may explore several student visa options, and this blog will provide the necessary help.

Why Study in Australia?

Studying in an Australian institute can give your career a great start. There is a wide range of reasons why international students choose Australia as their study destination, which are as follows.

  • A world-class education system with a top-quality academic infrastructure
  • Global universities
  • Learning in an interactive environment from qualified teachers
  • Excellent scope in the field of scientific research
  • Excellent job opportunities around the world

Apart from these reasons, there are also other non-academic reasons, including a high standard of living, higher safety, and security compared to many other developed countries, beautiful locations across the country, warm and welcoming locals, incredible climate, etc.

Here are the top 4 Student Visas available in Australia

Student Visa 500

What is a Student Visa 500?

The Student Visa Subclass 500 is the most common Australian student visa granted to international students. This visa will allow you to do the following.

  • You can enroll in an approved course at an Australian institute.
  • You can stay for a maximum of 5 years in Australia.
  • Besides studying, you can work part-time (40 hours per week) for an Australian company.

Things to Consider

Before you start the Visa Subclass 500 application procedure, there are several things you must consider.

  • Before applying for the visa, you must enroll in an approved course. A confirmation of enrolment or an acceptance letter can be submitted as documentary evidence.
  • If you have not turned 18, it is important to make the necessary welfare arrangements.
  • Having relevant English skills is necessary.
  • You and other applicants must have the Overseas Student Health Cover from the day you arrive in Australia.

Estimated Cost and Processing Time

The Subclass 500 Visa application fee is AUD630 for the primary applicant. But, the processing time will vary according to the volume of applications and the education sector you enroll in.


Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485

What is a Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485?

The Subclass 485 Visa Australia is granted to applicants who have recently graduated from an Australian educational institution. This visa allows the holders to live in Australia for some more years, during which they can pursue further studies and gain work experience as full-time employees.

Things to consider

The study and work experience you gain while staying with the Temporary Graduate Visa can play a vital role later when applying for a permanent residence visa. So, you should consider the following things before applying.

  • There are three streams under the Visa Subclass 485 – the Graduate Work Stream, the Post-Study Work Stream, and the Second Post-Study Work Stream. While the first stream allows Diploma and Trade qualification holders to stay for 18 months to study and work in Australia, the latter stream allows degree holders to stay for 2 to 4 years to study and work in Australia. You have to take a skills assessment test for the Graduate Work Stream.
  • Australian study requirement is an important criterion to be met for this visa. According to this requirement, you have to receive your qualification from an Australian institute. The course should have been CRICOS-registered, taught in English, and taught for at least 2 academic years.
  • Your OSHC can be valid at the time of application, but you must obtain another health coverage when the visa decision is made.

Estimated Cost and Processing Time

The application fee for both streams is AUD1680. However, the 485 Visa processing time is not the same for the two streams. While it takes about 10 to 12 months for the Graduate Work Stream, the processing time for the Post-Study Work Stream is 9 to 11 months.


Skilled Work Regional Provisional Visa 491

What is a Skilled Work Regional Visa 491?

The Skilled Work Regional Provisional Visa 491 is an Australian temporary visa that allows holders to stay, study, and work for 5 years in a regional area of Australia. With this visa, you can travel to and from Australia as many times as possible. The added advantage is that you can apply for citizenship after staying with it for 3 years. 

Things to Consider

Once you decide to start your Visa Subclass 491 application, consider the following things.

  • This visa has two categories – one for the main applicant and another for the subsequent entrant. If one of your family members wants to apply for this visa, they must apply under the second stream.
  • You have to receive a nomination from a territory or state government agency or sponsorship from an eligible relative.
  • This visa is points-based, and thus you must reach the threshold value to be invited. In the first step, you have to submit an EOI, based on which this assessment will be done.

Estimated Cost and Processing Time

For both categories, the application fee is AUD4115. The Subclass Visa 491 processing time for 75% of applications is 5 months, while 90% of them is 9 months.

Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189

What is a Skilled Independent Visa 189?

The Skilled Independent Subclass 189 Visa is a permanent visa granted to invited workers from other countries and New Zealand citizens. As this is a permanent visa, you can stay, study, and work anywhere in Australia permanently, enroll in Medicare, and apply for citizenship after several years of stay.

Things to Consider

Each Australian visa has specific features, eligibility criteria, and benefits. That is why for the Visa Subclass 189, too, you must consider some important details.

  •  There are two streams under this visa – the Points Tested Stream and the New Zealand Stream. 
  • While the first stream is for invited workers from any other country than Australia, the second stream is for New Zealand citizens who have lived for 5 years in Australia and have made significant contributions to the Australian employment sector. For the New Zealand Stream, applicants must hold the Visa Subclass 444. 
  • In the Points Test Stream, applicants who score at least 65 points in the points test are invited to apply for the visa. On the other hand, no points test is associated with the New Zealand Stream.
  • Also, while you have to submit English language test results for the Points Tested Stream, New Zealand citizens are not required to submit that.

Estimated Cost and Processing Time

For both the streams, the 189 Visa Australia application fee is AUD4115. However, for the New Zealand Stream, you have to give 20% of the payment at the time of application and 80% before the visa decision. 

The processing time varies from 18 to 30 months for the Points Tested Stream. On the other hand, the New Zealand Stream applications get processed in 18 to 19 months.

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