What Should I Do If My Student Visa Is About To Expire?

You most likely have a student visa that is good for the entire length of your study as an international student in Australia. However, if your student visa subclass 500 is about to expire, you might have some concerns. What occurs if my visa runs out while I am in Australia? How long may I remain in Australia with an expired visa subclass 500? It could be frightening if these questions remain unanswered. Here we provide all the options available to you when your visa subclass 500 has expired.

There are ways for you to remain in Australia even though your visa may be close to expiring. It is crucial to consider your alternatives and speak with someone who can provide you with the best guidance based on your circumstances.

There are four situations in which you can require a visa extension:

  • A detailed study proposal
  • a fresh program of study
  • Your postgraduate thesis has already been turned in, but before the marking is finished, your visa expires.
  • Your visa expires before you finish your course because it has been extended for some reason.

Options Available To You With An Expired Student Visa

As an extension of student visa subclass 500 is not possible, you have to apply for a new student visa. The application process is similar to the Australian student visa process.

Students must apply for a new visa before their current one expires to extend their student visa. To be on the safe side, give yourself four months to apply because Australian student visa requirements fulfillment, paperwork, and processing take time. 

If you don’t apply for a new student visa before your existing one expires, you may be considered to be overstaying. And which is illegal and increases your risk of being deported. As well as having an impact on future visa applications.

The most typical choices for your stay in Australia after your student visa has expired are:

  • Obtain A Fresh Student Visa

If your present education visa expires before you can apply for a new one, it will depend on the following:

  • How long till you finish your course? 
  • When did your existing student visa expire?
  • Will your education provider give you a Confirmation of Enrolment? 
  • Change Your Visa

As a general rule, if your course is less than three months in length, the Department of Immigration may not give you a student visa. So if your remaining course is less than three months, then the Department of Immigration anticipates that you will submit a tourist visa application.

A visa agent can help you choose the best option according to your circumstances and needs. 

The Department of Immigration will often synchronize your Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) expiration date with the date they award you a student visa in Australia. Your insurance company will typically include two extra months to cover your stay while attending your graduation ceremony when you purchase your OSHC.

Renewal Or Extension Of Student Visa Australia

It is technically impossible to prolong or renew a student visa (subclass 500). You must apply to continue your education (for example, if you want to pursue postgraduate study after completing your undergraduate program, you must apply for a temporary graduate visa in Australia. In case, there are any unforeseen difficulties you should give yourself plenty of time to apply for the new one.

You will require several documents to apply for a student visa, though some may change significantly depending on your situation. To find out which documents you need, use the Department of Home Affairs’ document checklist tool, but generally speaking, you’ll need all of the following:

  • Identity verification
  • Confirmation of Enrollment (CoE)
  • English proficiency certification
  • Proof of International Student Health Insurance (OSHC)
  • Declaration of a Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE)

However, the students must satisfy the Australia study visa 500 requirements to apply for renewal or extension. When you apply for a visa extension, a Bridging Visa A or BVA is issued while your new visa is being processed. With this visa, you can remain in Australia.


You need a legitimate visa to stay in Australia unless you have permanent residency (PR) or are a citizen. The ideal time to plan and apply for your next visa is before the one you now have expired. If you are in Australia to study or for graduation, you should apply for a student visa. You can lodge a graduate visa application if your student visa is going to expire with the completion of your graduation.

 If your current one has expired within the last 28 days, you can apply for a new student visa. Approval of bridging access will typically follow this application. If you need assistance with your application, get in touch with a licensed migration agent in Perth.