Migration Agent Perth

The Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Registered Migration Agent Perth

Have you decided to shift your base to Australia? So, you have gathered all the information you need about the visa to apply for and are ready to begin the process of application. Are you wondering whether you should hire a Registered Migration Agent Perth for your visa application process? Though hiring a migration agent is not mandatory, it can be the best step you can take.  


Here Are the Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Registered Migration Agent in Perth

1. Regulated Industry

Registered migration agents in Perth are registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA). This registration is mandatory to provide immigration advice in Australia.

The authority monitors these agents for their conduct, integrity, and quality of services. All Registered agents should:

  • Have sound knowledge of all the migration procedures and the migration law.
  • Meet certain eligibility requirements.
  • Maintain updated knowledge and a professional library.
  • Have to complete professional training that enables them to renew registration as an immigration agent in Perth each year.
  • Stick to the code of conduct for migration agents.

2. Increased Chances of Success

The chances of getting a visa application approved are uncertain; registered migration agents have a better success rate than individual applicants. Immigration Consultants in Perth take care of visa applications every day. They have gathered specialized expertise and knowledge over the years. They will ensure that you have the greatest chance of successfully getting your visa approved. With more than a hundred visa subclasses, it might get overwhelming for an applicant to choose an incorrect category. 

Migration agents understand your eligibility for each and share the prospects of success. They take care that your visa application is strong enough to get approved. An agent knows the little details of the application process and will get all your application bases covered.

3. Expertise and Knowledge

When you hire an Immigration Agent Perth, they will use their expertise and knowledge to ensure that all the aspects of the application processes are correctly completed. They ensure that you have all the supporting documentation. 

With so many available visa pathways, an agent will recommend which one to choose for your case. They will also know about the updates that have been made in the visa subclass or the application procedure. 

4. Saves Time and Ensures A Stress-Free Process

A visa application process can be stressful and time-consuming. A registered agent will not only provide you with Visa advice in Perth, but they will also ensure that the application is completed on time. You might need to speak with relevant organizations like the Department of Home Affairs, and a registered immigration agent will facilitate these tasks on your behalf.

5. Solve Difficult Problems

Your Visa application can get more complicated than usual. You might have had a denied application or a cancelled visa. A registered agent will assist you and support you to resolve what went awry, and they will support you to work towards a successful visa application.

The visa application procedure is also a complicated legal procedure. Your application will have a lot of complicated legal terms and jargon that you might not fully understand. 

Assumptions about legal terms can lead to incorrect filing, and they might lead to submitting applications that do not meet the needs and can eventually get your visa rejected.

The migration agents have years of experience with the legal processes of visa applications. They know all about the legislative needs, the viable documents as appropriate evidence, and make sure that the forms are correctly filled. 

Moreover, they are always up to date about the law and necessities of the visa application procedure. This can be useful as the migration system in Australia is constantly changing.

However, you should understand that registered migration agents are not lawyers, but they must have a certificate in Migration Law. Your agent might also happen to be a lawyer and have more legal knowledge and expertise. If you have a migration agent who also happens to be a lawyer, they will be useful if your application is rejected. They will represent you in court if you want to appeal the decision.


Select the Most Reliable Immigration Agent in Perth

The visa system in Australia is quite strict. One incorrect move can get your application rejected. A registered agent will help you with all your requirements for Immigration Perth. Refusals can happen for trivial mistakes like uploading incorrect documents. An experienced Immigration agent will save you from such mistakes that can prove risky in the long run. Also, visa refusal might lead you to lose money as the government fees are not refundable. So choose the best migration agent in Perth to ensure that you are doing your best to get your visa approved.