Apply For Student Visa Subclass 500 Australia and Study In Australia

Make Your Dreams Come True To Study in Australia By Applying For Student Visa 500!

Has it always been your dream to study in a country like Australia? Congratulations! The land of kangaroos awaits you to turn your dream into a whole new reality! Your ticket to study your dream course in Australia is the successful application of the Student Visa Subclass 500 in Australia. Yes, you have heard it right! Apply for this visa properly and fly all the way to Australia to study the course you have always been passionate about.

Student Visa Subclass 500 Overview!

The student visa Subclass 500 is a substantial Australian student visa. It allows international students like you to stay in the country as long as five years to study an eligible course of study. With this Student Visa, you will be able to study a full-time CRICOS registered course from an eminent Australian college or university. Some of the things which you can do with the Student Visa 500 can be considered below.

  • You can work in Australia as long as forty hours on a fortnightly basis. However, you must have started studying your course so as to become entitled to this work right.
  • You can apply for this visa both offshore or online whichever option is convenient to you.
  • The student visa 500 allows you to bring your eligible family members along with you. You can include your pertinent family in the application of your student visa 500. These include your spouse or his or her dependent children.
  • Most importantly, you can study an eligible academic course through the means of this visa.

To know furthermore about this visa, you can seek the top-notch immigration assistance from an Immigration Agent in Perth!

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Student Visa 500 Requirements!

In order to apply for the student visa 500, you need to meet some basic Student Visa 500 Requirements. A checklist of these criteria has been mentioned below for overseas applicants like you.

  • You must not have a visa application refused or an Australian visa canceled before
  • If you are less than eighteen years, then you need to make adequate welfare arrangements. This is to ensure an effective home-stay for you in a country like Australia.
  • Through proper documents, you must prove that you possess enough funds before you enter Australia. Compliance with this criterion will ensure that you can stay, study and travel back from Australia effectively.
  • As the main applicant of the student visa 500, you need to be of the minimum eligible age. According to this prerequisite, you should be six years old to the minimum and not less
  • You must be the holder of a valid Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) and
  • Make sure that you have met all the English language criteria in the proper and expected way.

Note that students who are less than eighteen years must be accompanied by an eligible guardian all the way to Australia. The guardian will be liable to take care of the student until his or her stay in Australia. In that case, the eligible guardian of the student will need to apply for student guardian visa 590

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Student Subclass 500 Cost!

The main applicant needs to pay AU$620 as the cost of the student visa subclass 500. In case an exempt applies you might not need to pay this charge. Again, subsequent applicants will also be incurred by the same visa application fees. If you wish then you can optimize the ‘visa pricing estimator’. It will give you an approximate idea about how much you need to pay in total.

Visa Subclass 500 Required Documents!

Make sure that you are prim and proper with documentation when it comes to the application of the visa subclass 500. A checklist of the basic documents which you need to submit unfailingly can be considered below.

  • All your application related documents
  • Essential documents for children who are eighteen years and older
  • Documents related to dependents who are below the age of eighteen years
  • All your crucial partner credentials
  • All the credentials related to your Genuine Temporary Entrant requirement
  • Documents that prove that you are the holder of a valid Overseas Student Health Cover
  • In case an exemption applies to you then all the substantial documents related to the same
  • Documents that prove that you have sufficient funds to support your entire stay in Australia
  • All your necessary identity credentials

Remember, that each of these documents should be genuine in support of accurate pieces of information. It is only after the submission of these credentials that the Australian Immigration Department will consider your visa application as authentic. Subsequently, they will start the processing of your student visa application and proclaim its actual outcome on time.

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Student Visa Subclass 500 Processing Time!

Have you applied for the student visa 500 pertaining to the Vocational Education and Training Sector? Then seventy-five percent of the applications conventionally get processed within forty-three days. Again, ninety percent of the applications get processed within seventy-seven days if you’ve applied in this sector.

Conversely, if you have applied in the Higher Education Sector, then, the processing time will be different. In that case, seventy-five percent and ninety percent of the applications will get processed within twenty-nine and forty-two days respectively.

Apply for the Student Subclass 500!

So, to apply for the student visa subclass 500 impeccably, make sure you follow the below-given steps properly.

  • Apply for this visa online
  • You can apply both offshore and onshore
  • If you are asked to provide more bits of information, complete the task on time
  • Pay the visa fees of your student visa 500 followed by its successful application
  • Now, wait for the final decision of your visa application. You will be notified about its approval or refusal both in writing.

To apply for the student visa 500 with absolute success, hire an accomplished Immigration Consultant Perth as soon as possible. After evaluating your current immigration status your Migration Agent will commence the application procedure systematically. Finally, your Perth based migration agent will ensure the most satisfying outcome pertaining to your student visa application!