Permanent Residency

Getting Permanent Residency In Australia: A Step-By-Step Guide

After staying for several years in Australia on a temporary visa, many international individuals choose to obtain Australian Permanent Residency. Usually, PR visas include family and skilled work visas. Australia is highly safe, and these specific visas offer numerous benefits to permanent residence visa holders.

However, to become an Australian permanent resident, you will have to go through a tedious process. You can choose from multiple pathways, and each path involves different eligibility requirements and application procedures.

We have designed this blog to help you with a successful Australian PR application. Topics discussed here include the three main pathways of becoming a PR in Australia, the application procedure, eligibility criteria, benefits, and costs.


Three Common Ways to Become a Permanent Resident:

There are multiple ways to become a permanent resident in Australia. However, before applying for an appropriate visa option, make sure that there is no ‘no further stay’ condition attached to your current visa.

Three of the most common ways to become a PR are discussed here.

A Family-Stream Permanent Visa

Family-stream permanent visas allow the following people to stay in Australia permanently.

  • Children, partners, dependent relatives, or parents of an Australian permanent resident or citizen or an eligible citizen from New Zealand
  • Adopted children or children who are in the middle of the formal procedure of adoption outside Australia
  • Carers who have to migrate to Australia to offer long-term care to an eligible relative

A Work-Stream Permanent Visa

Work-stream permanent visas are issued to workers employed by an Australian company. These workers usually receive sponsorship from the employer and have skills that have high demands in the Australian job market.

Business or Investor Stream Permanent Visa

As the name suggests, business or investor stream permanent visas are issued to entrepreneurs, business owners, and investors who want to continue their activities in Australia.

How Can You Apply for a Permanent Resident Visa in Australia?

While there are several Australian permanent residence visas to apply for, we focus on the application processes of the three most popular PR visas, including:

Visa 189 is a skilled work visa granted to invited workers from any country and New Zealand and Hong Kong citizens who have contributed to the Australian job market. There are three streams under this visa – Points-tested Stream, New Zealand Stream, and Hong Kong Stream.

Take a look at the following steps to apply for the 189 Visa-

  • First, select your stream. It is essential because, for each stream, the eligibility requirements and application procedures will be different.
  • If you select the Points-tested Stream, submit an EOI document to receive an invitation for application. It is not required for the other two streams.
  • Submitting document is a vital step of the application. Common documents include identity documents, relationship documents, character and health documents, and documents for the dependent applications.
  • Specific documents for the Points-tested Stream include skills assessment, EOI, and ‘Competent English’ documents.
  • When applying for the New Zealand Stream, show residence and work documents. In addition, you must show that you have lived in Australia for a minimum of 5 years.
  • On the other hand, for the Hong Kong Stream, you have to show that you hold an eligible visa and a passport (which may be a British National Overseas Passport). In addition, you must also provide residence documents and ‘Functional English’ documents.
  • Once you submit all the documents, you must make the visa application fee payment. The current charge is AUD4115. If you apply for the New Zealand Stream, you will get the option to pay the first 20% at the time of application and the rest 80% at the time of visa decision.

The Visa Subclass 190 is also a skilled work visa. But the main difference is that 190 Visa holders receive nominations by a state or territory government in Australia.

If you want to apply for the 190 Visa, follow the steps below.

  • First, you have to submit an EOI through SkillSelect, just like the previous visa. If satisfied, a state or territory government authority will nominate you. Based on your nomination, you will be invited to apply. If you plan to get professional help, hire a registered migration agent at this stage.
  • The next step will involve document submission. The most crucial documents include identity, skills assessment, nomination, sponsor, and EOI documents. In addition, you must also submit character and health documents, partner documents, documents for dependent children, and documents that prove you are taking the help.
  • After submitting the documents, you must pay the visa application fee. For this visa, too, the fee is AUD4115.
  • If the Department asks you for additional information, respond quickly.

The Australian Visa 491 is issued to skilled workers who receive nominations from a state or territory government to work and stay in a regional area of Australia. The application steps are as follows.

  • For this visa, too, you have first to submit an EOI through SkillSelect. Based on the information you submit, a state or territory government will nominate you for the visa. After that, you will be invited to start the application.
  • Next, you have to gather the necessary documents, the same as those required for the 190 Visa.
  • Submit all the documents and pay the visa application fee. For both the main applicant and subsequent entrant, the fee is AUD4115.

Benefits of a Permanent Resident Visa in Australia

Holding an Australian permanent residency visa will help you enjoy the following benefits.

  • You will be able to live permanently in Australia.
  • You can sponsor visa applications for your eligible relatives wanting to come to Australia.
  • Medicare is the national healthcare scheme of Australia, and it reduces significant medicine and treatment expenses at public hospitals. When you hold a PR visa, you can access Medicare benefits
  • After several years of stay, you can apply to become a citizen.
  • You can apply for bank loans to buy properties.

Permanent Residency Australia Visa Cost

For all the three visas discussed above, the visa application fee is AUD4115. While paying, check if there is any specific condition attached. You must also remember that separate fees will be required for dependent applicants.


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