Subclass 485 Visa Australia Conditions and Processing time

Find Out About The 485 Subclass Visa Processing Time And Conditions

Have you recently graduated in a specialized stream and want to work in Australia? Then you must apply for the Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485 right now? This visa allows you to work in Australia permanently with the skill which you have graduated with. With this visa, you can work, study, and travel to Australia for the next 18 months. But, you won’t be chosen by an employer to preside over a particular post in any possible region of Australia wherein you will work. On the contrary, you will have to arrange your own occupation after applying for this particular visa. So, why waiting any longer? Apply for the subclass 485 Visa, know about the 485 visa Processing Time and make your dream come true of studying, residing, and working in Australia.

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Temporary Graduate Visa 485 Streams

Based on the different needs of different applicants, the visa subclass 485 has been divided into two different categories. The first is the Graduate Work Stream visa and the other is the Post Study Work Stream visa. But from 20 January 2021, the Department of Home Affairs has announced The third Stream i.e Second Post-Study Workstream. Comprehensive information about these visa streams can be considered as follows:

1. Graduate Work Stream Visa

The Australian immigration department takes around 9 months to process 75% of the applications at the most in relation to this visa. On the flip side, they process about 90% of the applications within a time-frame of 10 months. However, 485 Visa processing time may be delayed due to some vital reasons. Some of these include the inclusion of incorrect information, requirement of further assessment of the application, need of a few other necessary information pieces, etc.

2. Post Study Work Stream Visa

When it comes to the 485 Visa processing time of this particular stream, it is much faster than the aforesaid one. This means that around 90% of visa processing is done within a short span of 9 months. Not only this, but 75% of the visa processing pertaining to this visa stream is also completed within 9 months only. The 485 visa processing time procedure can be delayed as well. The reasons that can contribute to this delaying simulate with the aforesaid reasons up to a reasonable extent.

3. Second Post-Study Work-stream

This particular stream is for those who are the holder of temporary graduate visa post-study work-stream and have graduated from an Australian institute or college located in the regional area of Australia. Under this stream, you can stay for 1- 2 years depending on the educational institute you have graduated from and regional area you lived on your Temporary Graduate visa post-study work-stream

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What Qualifications And Skills Do You Need For 485 Visa Australia?

When it comes to possessing apt skills and qualifications for the 485 Visa Australia, then you need to comply with the following conditions:

  • You must be nominated for any of the occupations pertaining to the Medium and Long Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL).
  • You must qualify in the skills assessment test conducted by a proficient skills assessment authority. This will prove that you possess a particular skill to manage a particular occupation efficiently.
  • You must be the holder of a particular degree, trade qualification or diploma. This will help in proving your eligibility for the particular occupation that you have applied for.

On top of all, you must be nominated for the occupation that you are interested in. If you do not do so, you cannot apply for the visa subclass 485 at all. Besides, you cannot change the type of occupation that you are nominated for after your application is successful.

From Where Can You Apply For 485 Subclass Visa?

While applying for subclass 485 visa australia, you need to stay in Australia only and you cannot apply from elsewhere. However, while undergoing the immigration clearance procedure you cannot stay in Australia and need to reside in any other nation. People willing to apply for the same visa along with you can apply while being either inside or outside Australia. You must also make sure that you have complied with the basic documentation of  485 visa requirements while applying for this particular visa.

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What Leads To The Delay Of The Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485?

The Australian visa department tries to process most of the visas as quickly as possible. Especially when it comes to the 485 Visa Processing Time, it does not take more than a few months for its successful processing. However, certain circumstances can lead to unreasonable delays in the processing of your visa. Some of the possible reasons can be considered as follows:

  • There are certain skills and qualifications required to prove your eligibility for your applied occupation. This may take the visa department some time to collect these documents. Hence, it can lead to the unreasonable delaying of your visa processing.
  • In the case of presenting the necessary character requirements, it may take you some time. Especially if you have some of your other family members applying for the same, the process becomes even more intricate. The reason is you need to present their consecutive character documents as well. This factor can also lead to the unreasonable delaying of your visa processing.
  • While applying for the Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485, you need to submit the right documents to your visa processing department. This is one of the most essential subclass 485 visa working conditions that every applicant needs to comply with. In case you have submitted incomplete or erroneous information, it can delay your visa processing procedure as well.

Compliance With the Australian Laws

Well, applying for this particular visa with the help of an adept Migration Agent Perth is not enough. When it comes to meeting certain conditions of the visa subclass 485, the most important is complying with the various laws imposed by the Australian Government. According to this, you must possess comprehensive health insurance comprising a part of the Australian Government. This is one of the most essential visa conditions that each and every applicant needs to meet, especially if they are accompanied by aged family members.

Hire A Proficient Migration Agent

If you want to apply for the 485 subclass visa effortlessly, then appoint a competent Migration Agent Perth right now from an Immigration Agent. A team of efficient Immigration Agents Perth makes the best of their endeavors to help each and every applicant to apply for this visa at ease. Your concerned migration agent will provide you a step by step assistance so that you can apply for the said visa in a hassle-free manner. So, why are you waiting? Hire a proficient migration agent from Immigration Agent Perth today and make your dream come true to work and study in Australia for a reasonable time-frame.