Graduate Visa Subclass 485 Refused – Know The Top 10 Reasons

When individuals apply for the visa subclass 485, they will receive many benefits. Once a person completes their graduation in Australia, they will get the chance to work on Australian soil and study a course for up to 4 months. But at times, this visa can get refused, and there are several reasons behind it, and you will learn about them through this article. 

What is a Temporary Graduate Visa 485?

Before jumping to the main part, let’s look at what exactly the subclass 485 visa is. The Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485 allows all international candidates to study, live and even work temporarily in Australia. This particular visa has three main streams, and they are: 

  • Graduate Work Visa: This stream under the 485 Subclass Visa is for all overseas students. They have graduated recently with the qualifications and skills relevant to occupations that Australia requires. The visa will let the international student work, reside and even study in the country provisionally.
  • Post-Study Work Stream: The Post-Study Work Stream is for the international candidates who graduated recently with a degree from an Australian university or college. Students can take student, live work in the Australian, briefly.
  • Second Post-Study Work Stream: This stream is for all the first Temporary Graduate Visa holders under the Post-Study Workstream. It is provided to students who graduated from an Australian university located at a regional place. Candidates and life, work and study in the country momentarily. 


10 Reasons To Why Your Graduate Visa 485 Is Refused

Did the Temporary Graduate Visa 485 get refused? Want to know the reason behind it? This section will provide it to you. These reasons are: 

1. Submitting A Visa Application After The Deadline Has Passed

All applicants should apply for the visa within 6 months of completing their course and carry a valid student visa. Here, applicants should understand clearly what “completion date” means. Many candidates make a mistake by using the date of graduation, which is incorrect. Submitting the visa application after the deadline can lead to visa refusal.

2. Failing To Meet The Australian Study Requirement

Applicants who want their subclass 485 visa Australia to be approved must fulfil all the study requirements. These requirements are:

  • They should be registered under CRICOS [Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Course for Overseas Students].
  • Complete over 16 calendar months while staying in Australia, physically.
  • Applicants should complete 2 years of academic study.
  • The course should be conducted in English.
  • Complete the course while holding a visa that permits them to study.

Failing to meet all these requirements can lead to visa refusal. 

3. Required Documents Not Provided

When applying for the 485 visa, all candidates are suggested to provide all the required documents. This should be done during the time of the application lodgement. The Department will request the student/candidate to provide documents on qualification, health insurance, AFP or Australian Federal Police check and passport details. Candidates who do not provide these documents will get their visas refused. 

4. Failing To Meet The English Language Requirement

International applicants should meet the English language needs essential for the visa subclass 485 application. The majority of the candidates overlook this particular criterion and face a visa refusal instead of approval. 

 5. Wrong Visa Stream Was Chosen

There are three types of visa streams and candidates to apply for the correct one. Each of the streams is different, and one must take the eligibility requirements of all the streams before applying. The applicant chooses one stream that perfectly applies to them. When he/she chooses the wrong stream, their visa can get refused. 

6. Failure To Pass The English Language Exam

All international candidates need to pass the English language test. Australia is an English-speaking nation. Every student from a non-English speaking country must provide evidence that they can easily communicate in English. Here are passing scores for all the English language exams:

  • IELTS: Applicants must score Band 6.
  • OET: Must acquire a gradation B to qualify for the OET exam.
  • TOEFL iBT: Candidates have to obtain a total score of 64.
  • CAE [Cambridge Advanced English]: Candidates should obtain a score of 169.
  • PTE Academic: Secure a score of 50. 

7. Nonfulfillment With Health-Care Laws

Before applying for the 485 subclass visa, international applicants have to prove to the Australian Government that they have made all the healthcare arrangements. This should be done right from the date of the visa application till the date of its result. If one doesn’t make proper healthcare arrangements, there is a high chance that the visa will not be approved.

8. Failure To Submit An Application For An AFP Check

Candidates need to apply for the Australian Federal Police Check. To get it done, the applicant has to be over 16 years of age and must be done within 12 months of the visa application date. Failing to do so can lead to the refusal of the visa. 

9. Lack Of Understanding Of Section 48 Bars

The 48 Bars of the Migration Act states that all applicants must apply for another 485 visa after being refused. This is applied to those residing in Australia currently and on a bridging visa after the visa cancellation. The submission of improper and inadequate information can lead to the 485 subclass visa refusal.

10. Inability To Devote Enough Time

All international candidates must be present in the country for at least 16 months while studying their respective courses. If she/he spends less time in the country, their Graduate Visa 485 might get refused. 


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