10 Steps Involved in Skilled independent 189 Visa Australia Application

10 Steps Involved in Skilled independent 189 Visa Australia Application

To start with, the Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189 happens to be a permanent ‘General Skilled Migration’ visa. The 189 Visa Australia is for people who haven’t been sponsored by a business, state, or person. With this visa, you can work and stay anywhere in Australia permanently. Every year myriads of applicants are applying for this visa to work and live in Australia. So, here is a complete checklist of 10 crucial steps leading to the successful application of your 189 visa. 

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Know Your Eligibility Requirements For 189 Visa Australia

Before you apply for your 189 Visa Australia, you must know your eligibility requirements first. Below is the complete checklist containing these eligibility criteria :

  • While staying in Australia, you shouldn’t have any Australian visa canceled or refused (in a few cases)
  • You shouldn’t possess any outstanding debts to the Australian government
  • You should be less than 45 years
  • Possess a set of skills comprising the eligible occupations list and
  • Your intention to stay and work in Australia permanently should be genuine.

Aside, there are some other eligibility requirements which are considered applicable. You will get detailed information about them on the official site of the Australian immigration department. 

Assess Your Visa Subclass 189 Australia Points

The point system lets you evaluate your eligibility before you submit your Expression of Interest. It also allows the Department of Home Affairs to ascertain your eligibility. So, make sure that you obtain a minimum score of 60 points and not less. It is because the Australian government might require you to score a little more than this at times. 

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Financial requirements

Your skilled independent visa 189 expenses will be in Australian dollars, including: 

  • Visa Application-AUD3, 670
  • EOI Application-free 
  • Police check (character examination)-AUD222.50-265.70
  • English language exam (more than one test accepted)-AUD330-AUD363

Remember that these costs will vary reasonably according to your circumstances, pertinent country and your current immigration status. 

Skills Assessment For Skilled Independent Visa 189

To ascertain that you’re genuinely skilled, the Australian government requires you to pass a valid skills assessment test. A relevant assessing authority should conduct the test, ensuring fair practices. You must apply for this test before submitting your Expression of Interest (EOI) to the Australian Immigration Department. 

English Exam Score 

You must substantiate that you are proficient in English through substantial evidence. It can be done by qualifying an eligible English test by obtaining the desired score. 

Submit Your EOI

The skilled independent subclass 189 also requires you to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) through a valid SkillSelect. You must do this after you’ve collected all the necessary credentials of your 189 visa. Your EOI must include the results of your English exam, your scored points and your skill assessment outcome etc. 

Await Your EOI’s Verdict 

Apply for another visa if your existing visa is about to expire after you’ve submitted your EOI. After you get invited and apply for the 189 visa, you will qualify for a bridging visa. It is because the submission of your EOI is not considered your visa application. 

Lodge Your Visa Application

After getting the invitation, you must apply for your 189 Visa Australia within the next 60 days. Failure to apply by this time will nullify the invitation of your 189 visa application. You can use the link given in your letter of invitation and apply on SkillSelect. Apply to ascertain that you’ve all the crucial documents ready with you. 

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Medical Test

You and your eligible dependents must qualify in a substantial medical test conducted by a valid clinic. This clinic must be selected or approved by the Australian immigration department. Your medical centre will directly send the results to the DoHA for evaluation.

Await A Visa Decision 

To hear the outcome of your visa application, you need to wait for some time. So, include as many documents as possible when applying for your 189 visa. By doing so, you can ensure much faster processing of your visa application than expected. 
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