What is Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189 and its checklist

The Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189 has been designed for people who possess a couple of special knowledge and skills relevant to a specific Australian occupation. If you are someone like that, then, apply for the visa subclass 189 immediately. With visa subclass 189, you can stay and work anywhere in Australia permanently. Moreover, this particular visa is entire points-based, and, has been designed specifically for all those overseas applicants who wish to work and live in Australia permanently, and who have not been sponsored by an Australian territory or state, family member,or that of an employer.
So, given below is a complete checklist of the 189 visa, which will acquaint you with the various needs and requirements, and, which you need to comply with so as to apply for the said visa successfully.

What are the different visa streams?

Before making you aware of the different criteria and privileges of the 189 visa, let’s acquire a thorough knowledge about two of its stream i.e. the New Zealand stream and the Points-tested stream.

1. New Zealand stream

The New Zealand stream of the visa subclass 189 has been designed especially for all those New Zealand citizens who have made a significant contribution to Australia. It allows them to stay and work anywhere in Australia permanently. However, in order to apply for this particular visa stream, the applicant must have stayed in Australia at least for the past 5 years and must be holding the New Zealand Special Category visa subclass 444.

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2. Points-tested stream

The points tested stream of the visa subclass 189 allows applicants of the eligible countries to work and stay anywhere in Australia on a permanent basis. To apply for this visa stream, the applicant must be invited by the Department of Home Affairs. Apart from this, he/she also doesn’t have to be selected by an Australian nominator or sponsor for a specific occupation. Also, when it comes to meeting the age requirement of the points tested stream of the 189 visa, then, you should be less than 45 years old so as to apply for it successfully

Required documents of the visa subclass 189

So, given below is a comprehensive checklist of all the necessary documents which you need to submit to the Department of Home Affair along with the application of your visa subclass 189.
• Substantial reference letters from your employer or employers.
• A valid character certificate which has been issued by a police officer.
• Documents that prove your relationship status with your marital or de facto partner.
• All those relevant documents which substantiate your qualification in the health assessment test.
• Documents that prove all your skills and qualifications.
• Two passport-sized colored photographs.
• Documents that prove that the skills and qualifications you possess are in accordance to the occupation, for which you have been selected.
• Make sure that you have also included all those credentials which prove your competency in the English language.
• A valid skill assessment report to prove the final result of your skill assessment test to the Department of Home Affairs.
• A valid application form of your visa subclass 189.
• All the documents which authenticate your identity and

Additional documents only if asked by your immigration department.

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However, before submitting all these documents discussed above, make sure that none of them have been excluded and each of them has been presented in the copied format of the original piece.

English language criteria of the 189 visa

There is a particular English language test in which the Department of Home Affairs wants you to qualify in order to get confirmed that you do possess an optimal knowledge in the English language. For this, you will have to obtain the desired score to get through your English language test successfully. Hence, given below is an absolute checklist of some of the most common English language tests along with their relevant scores, passing any of which will substantiate that you hold a good command over English as well as will allow you to apply for the visa subclass 189 successfully.

• CAE: To qualify in the Cambridge Assessment Test or CAE, you need to secure a score of 169 in all the four areas of English language i.e. reading, writing, listening,and speaking.
• PTE: The Pearson Test of English or PTE requires you to obtain a minimum score of 50, concerning each of its four areas i.e. listening, writing, speaking and reading.
• TOEFL iBT: If you want to qualify in the TOEFL iBT test of the English language, then you will have to secure certain points in each of the four areas of English i.e. 21 in writing, 18 in speaking, 13 in reading, and, 12 in listening.

• OET: When it comes to passing this particular English language test, then the applicant must secure a gradation of B in all the four areas of English including listening, writing, speaking, nd reading.
• IELTS: Qualifying in the International English Language Testing System or IELTS is quite easy. You need to acquire 6 points as a total score and 5 points each, pertaining to all the four areas of the English language (listening, reading, speaking, and writing).

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However, before submitting the result of your English language test to the Australian immigration department, make sure that it hasn’t crossed a period of 3 years, or else it would be canceled or rejected by them.

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