Make Australia your home

Make Australia your home with Immigration Agent Perth

The world very well knows that Australia is one of the nations that is immigrant friendly. The nation is complete with the best weather, reputed educational institutes, ample opportunity for employment and a conducive environment for business ventures. All these and much more has made Australia a much sought after country among people who see better prospects in other countries.

Expert Guidance: Australia as a nation has strict migration laws that makes the process tedious, if not properly followed. It is always better for an immigrant to contact an agent who has better knowledge of the laws and the processes. One such agent who has tremendous experience in the field is registered Immigration Agent Perth. They take care of all your needs as far as immigration is concerned. The immigration laws undergo changes frequently, and lawyers at Immigration Agent Perth follow the changes and they take individual care in each of the customers’ immigration papers.

Services Offered: Immigration Agent Perth offers a range of services for different Visas. Here is a look at them:

Business Investment VisasInvestments are welcome into Australia and the nation renders all the help possible to make your business flourish. Yet to settle down in the country as an investor, many criteria need to be met.  The investor needs to be below 55 years of age otherwise only a temporary visa for four years is only possible. The investor name should be nominated by an Australian, the person must have significant years of experience in his chosen field, which may vary according the area of business. Get in touch with Immigration Agent Perth for more details.

Employer Sponsored Visas: Temporary Work (Skilled) Visa –subclass 457 is the most preferred visa for skilled workers by the Australian companies.  Though this is a temporary visa, valid only for four years, individuals can get permanent visas, if they meet requirements. The Immigration officials conduct a skill assessment test before providing visas under the category. The individual needs to be sponsored by a company that has the facility to train individual.

Family Visa: Family Visa includes Partner Visas and Parent Visas. If you are an Australian or a permanent resident of the country, you can apply visas for your parents to stay with you. They can get visas any of under any of the three different visas available.  Same is the case with the Partners Visa, where the applicant can have his partner/spouse to stay along. This visa also comes with lot of sub-clause and care must be taken while applying. It is wise to get the help of an expert. Contact Immigration Agent Perth.

Skilled Independent Visas: The individual aged below 55 can apply for the Visa, provided he/she clears the assessment test conducted by the Immigration Department. The assessment may vary from one skill to another. It is crucial that the applicant chooses the right skill to clear assessment. Here is where one needs help and Immigration Agent Perth are the experts who can help you take a decision.

State Sponsorship Visa: You can avail permanent resident Visa along with your family, if you clear all the criteria as stipulated by the Australian Government. The State would sponsor your Visa. It involves huge paperwork and a longer process. Immigration Agent Perth is there to lend you a hand.

Student Visa: Immigration Agent Perth have tremendous amount of experience in the field of student visas. The applicant should have secured an admission into any of the Australian institution. For the rest of the formalities, the agents would help provided the applicant meets all the requirements.

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