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Australia offers lucrative options for brilliant business minds to come to Australia and trade and thus, significantly contribute to the Australian economy. Interested immigrants are given the Business Innovation and Investment Visa, also known as the Significant Investment Visa Australia. The Business Investment Visa Australia is divided into four streams: Business Innovation Stream, Investor Stream, Significant Investor Stream and Premium Investor Stream.

Each of these streams or categories have their own criteria required which must be fulfilled, so that the visa can be obtained. However, all of them have some common criteria which are:

  • Investors must be aged 55 years or less.
  • They must have made required net worth of investment which varies according to category.
  • Must have considerable business experience, whose period varies according to category.
  • Applicant must be nominated by an Australian territory or the Austrade.
  • The visa gives a temporary residency of four years three months, and permanent residency should be applied for during this time, depending upon the category. During the temporary residence period, applicants can live and trade in Australia, and also bring in their family members who qualify all the criteria of obtaining a visa for entering Australia.
  • Applicants above 55 years will only get temporary residence of four years.

We at Immigration Agent Perth WA know how tedious these criteria can get. Thus, we help all our clients get their visas without any hassles, by guiding them according to the right criteria they fall into. Contact us right away, and we will help you out too! Contact us via our email id or toll-free number, and we will be back to you soon!

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Getting Significant Investment Visa Australia is hassle-free with Immigration Agent Perth.

Getting the Significant Investment Visa Australia may seem difficult because the approval process can seem overwhelming to any immigration applicant. The process is:

  • Applicants or investors must submit an Expression of Interest or EOI online, expressing their trade interests and information, and also indicating the state or territory they wish to get nomination from. Premium investors however, have to be nominated by the Austrade or the Australian Government directly.
  • After receiving nomination, applicants can proceed with making applications providing their identity, health and character information, and English language ability. Candidates have to wait for minimum 9 months after this, and make a qualifying investment.
  • If this entire process is perfect and all required conditions are successfully met, applicants can expect to get a visa of their choice of stream.
  • Applicants can subsequently apply for permanent visa or renewal of their business visa according to the criteria of their stream.

As this process is a huge one, with various ways of getting wrong even without you realizing it, it is advisable that you seek help of professional immigrant agents. And Immigration Agent Perth, with their years of experience of helping innumerable clients get their required visas, is your best option! Contact Immigration Agent Perth for free consultation and we will help you choose the right stream of business visa, and guide you according to the required criteria so that you get your visa successfully.

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